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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Wine stable release 4.0 is now available for Linux FreeBSD Android and macOS

Wine stable release 4.0 is now available for Linux FreeBSD Android and macOS

The Wine team is proud to announce that the stable release Wine 4.0 is now available.
This release represents a year of development effort and over 6,000 individual changes. It contains a large number of improvements that are listed in the release notes below. The main highlights are:
  • Vulkan support.
  • Direct3D 12 support.
  • Game controllers support.
  • High-DPI support on Android.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

What's new in Wine 4.0

*** Direct3D

- Initial support for Direct3D 12 is implemented. Direct3D 12 support
  requires the vkd3d library, and a Vulkan-capable graphics card.

- The Multi-Threaded Command Stream feature is enabled by default.

- OpenGL core contexts are always used by default when available. In
  the previous release, these were already used by default for
  Direct3D 10 and 11 applications on AMD and Intel graphics
  cards. That has been extended to all graphics cards, and all
  versions of Direct3D before 12.

- Among others, the following notable Direct3D 10 and 11 features are
  - Multi-sample textures and views, as well as multi-sample resolves.
  - Per-sample fragment shading.
  - Support for 1D textures.
  - Draws without render target views or depth/stencil views.
  - Multiple viewports and scissor rectangles per draw.
  - Depth clipping control.
  - Depth bias clamping.
  - Stream output without geometry shaders.
  - Several more capability queries.
  - Several more resource formats.

- The "depth bias clamping" feature mentioned above requires the
  ARB_polygon_offset_clamp/EXT_polygon_offset_clamp OpenGL
  extension. All Direct3D 10+ capable hardware should be able to
  support that extension, but it has come to our attention that some
  NVIDIA "Legacy Drivers" do not. We encourage affected users to
  explore whether the Free Software Nouveau drivers meet their needs.

- Several Direct3D 11 interfaces have been updated to version 11.2,
  and several DXGI interfaces have been update to version 1.6. This
  allows applications requiring those newer interfaces to start

- The first steps towards more fine-grained locking in the Direct3D
  implementation have been taken. This will be an ongoing effort to
  take better advantage of modern high core count CPUs.

- Support for using the correct swap interval is implemented, for both
  DXGI and DirectDraw applications.

- Application-configurable frame latency is implemented for Direct3D
  9Ex and DXGI applications.

- S3TC-compressed 3D textures are supported. S3TC-compressed 2D
  textures were already supported, provided the OpenGL drivers
  supported them.

- When the ARB_query_buffer_object OpenGL extension is available,
  query results can be polled with lower latency, resulting in a
  modest performance improvement in specific cases.

- Validation of Direct3D 8 and 9 resource pool and usage restrictions,
  as well as blit restrictions, has been improved.

- The Direct3D graphics card database recognizes more graphics cards.

- New HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct3D registry keys:
  - "MultisampleTextures" (REG_DWORD)
    Enable (0x1, default) or disable (0x0) support for multi-sample
  - "Renderer" (REG_SZ)
    The backend API to target. Possible values are "gl" (default) for
    OpenGL and "gdi" for GDI.

- Deprecated HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct3D registry key:
  - "DirectDrawRenderer"
    This has been superseded by the "Renderer" setting above.

- Removed HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct3D registry key:
  - "StrictDrawOrdering"
    This feature was previously deprecated in favor of the
    multi-threaded command stream feature, and has been completely

*** Graphics

- A complete Vulkan driver is implemented, using the host Vulkan
  libraries under X11, or MoltenVK on macOS.

- A builtin vulkan-1 loader is provided as an alternative to the SDK

- Icons in PNG format are supported, enabling loading high-resolution
  256x256 icons.

- The standard icons include a 256x256 version to take advantage of
  the PNG support.

- Many Direct2D interfaces have been updated to version 1.2.

- New HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct2D registry key:
  - "max_version_factory" (REG_DWORD)
    Limit the interface version of the ID2D1Factory interface to the
    specified version. 0x0 for ID2D1Factory, 0x1 for ID2D1Factory1,
    etc. By default there is no limit.

- Using an ARGB visual as default X11 visual is supported.

- The old 16-bit DIB.DRV driver is implemented using the DIB engine.

- Polygon drawing in the DIB engine is much faster for large polygons.

- A0, A1 and A2 paper sizes are supported for generic printers.

- Arrows are supported in GdiPlus.

*** Kernel

- Support for running DOS binaries under Wine is removed. When
  execution of a DOS binary is requested, an external DOSBox instance
  is launched. This doesn't apply to Win16 binaries, which are still
  supported internally.

- All the CPU control and debug registers can be accessed by kernel
  drivers, including on 64-bit.

- Events, semaphores, mutexes and timers are implemented in kernel
  mode for device drivers.

- The WaitOnAddress synchronization primitives are supported.

- Reported processor information correctly distinguishes logical and
  physical CPU cores to support hyper-threading.

- Detailed BIOS information can be queried on Linux platforms.

- The various debugger APIs support manipulating a 32-bit Wow64
  process from a 64-bit process context.

- Application settings, compatibility information and execution levels
  are recognized in application manifests.

- The various file I/O completion modes are implemented.

- Debug registers are supported on NetBSD.

*** User interface

- The infrastructure for setting DPI awareness and scaling of non
  DPI-aware applications is implemented. However, actual scaling of
  window contents is only supported on Android at this point.
  Scaling is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting the
  "DpiScalingVer" value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.

- Window class redirection is supported, enabling support of Common
  Controls version 6 features for standard USER controls like buttons.

- The standard USER controls Button, Listbox, Combobox, Edit and
  Static support version 6 features, including theming.

- The standard Task Dialog is implemented, including support for
  icons, hyperlinks, progress bars, and various other UI elements.

- Cue banners are supported in version 6 of the Edit control.

*** Desktop integration

- Exporting MIME-type file associations to the native desktop can be
  disabled with a checkbox under the Desktop Integration tab in
  winecfg.  It can be configured programmatically by setting the
  "Enable" value under

- The File Dialog can display file properties like size, times and

- The File Dialog optionally shows the Places toolbar on the left-hand

- The shell folder Public is used instead of AllUsersProfile to follow
  the behavior of recent Windows versions.

- The shell File Browser supports keyboard shortcuts to rename (F2
  key) and delete (Delete key) shell folders.

- Many standard icons are added to the Shell library.

- Shell Autocompletion is supported.

- In desktop mode the taskbar won't be displayed on top of fullscreen

- Additional names are provided for standard cursors to better match
  existing X11 cursor themes.

*** Input devices

- HID game controllers are supported in the XInput and Raw Input APIs.

- An SDL driver is implemented to make SDL game controllers
  available through the HID interface.

*** Internet and networking

- JScript has an EcmaScript compliant mode, which supports a number of
  features not available in legacy mode.

- JavaScript property accessors are supported.

- HTML style object is rewritten to support standard-compliant mode.

- HTML documents respect X-UA-Compatible HTTP header, allowing web
  pages to request specific compatibility mode. The
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\MSHTML\CompatMode key may be used to
  override the requested mode.

- MSHTML supports non-HTML elements, allowing limited SVG support.

- A number of new HTML APIs are supported.

- The proxy server can be configured through the Internet Control
  Panel applet.

- Stream I/O is implemented in WebServices.

- The Web Services on Devices API (WSDAPI) is implemented, including
  sending and receiving the various message types.

- More system information is reported through WBEM, including CPU,
  BIOS, video controller, and network adapter properties.

*** Cryptography

- Asymmetric encryption keys, as well as RSA and ECDSA signature
  verification are supported.

- The GCM and ECB encryption chaining modes are supported.

- Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding (OAEP) is supported in RSA

- A Kerberos security provider is implemented, supporting Kerberos

- A selection dialog for public key certificates is implemented.

- If available, GnuTLS is used on macOS in preference to the
  CommonCrypto framework.

*** Text and fonts

- Character tables are based on version 11.0.0 of the Unicode Standard.

- The new subpixel font rendering of FreeType >= 2.8.1 is supported.

- When a font face is missing, FontConfig is queried to provide
  possible substitutions.

- The font selected in the console emulator properly scales with the
  display DPI.

- Memory font resources are supported in DirectWrite.

- The builtin Wingdings font contains clock images.

*** Audio

- The Windows Media Player interfaces are implemented and support
  media playback.

- An MP3 decoder is provided as DirectX Media Object.

*** macOS

- The preloader is implemented on macOS, for better address space
  layout compatibility.

- The Command key can be mapped to Ctrl, by setting the
  "LeftCommandIsCtrl" or "RightCommandIsCtrl" values under
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Mac Driver.

- The App Nap energy-saving feature is disabled by default in GUI
  processes. It can be re-enabled by setting the "EnableAppNap" value
  under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Mac Driver.

*** Android

- Setting the mouse cursor is supported using the APIs available in
  Android >= 7.

- The new version of the Android graphics buffer allocator API is
  supported, to enable graphics support on Android >= 8.

- Android x86-64 platforms are supported also in 64-bit mode, however
  WoW64 mode is not supported yet in the WineHQ packages.

*** ARM platforms

- Stubless COM proxies are implemented on ARM.

- The Windows calling convention for variadic functions is supported
  on ARM64.

- Exception handling and debugging is better supported on ARM64

- The MinGW toolchain is supported for cross-compilation to ARM64.

*** Built-in applications

- The Ping program provides actual pinging functionality using

- The SchTasks task scheduler program can create and delete tasks.

- The RegEdit registry editor has an improved hex editor for binary

- FOR loops are properly handled in the Command Interpreter.

- The XCopy program supports the /k (keep attributes) option.

*** Internationalization

- The Japanese 106 keyboard is properly supported.

- Translation of timezone names is supported.

- There is a partial translation to the Sinhala language.

- More locales are supported in the Resource Compiler (wrc) and
  Message Compiler (wmc).

*** Development tools

- winedbg supports debugging WoW64 processes.

- In gdb proxy mode, winedbg supports a --port option to specify the
  port used to connect to gdb.

- winegcc uses better heuristics for finding the appropriate lib
  directory for 32/64-bit cross-compiles.

- winegcc supports building native subsystem libraries.

- winegcc also looks for includes in the top-level include directory
  of the installation prefix.

- winebuild supports a -mfpu option for specifying the FPU
  architecture on ARM platforms.

- winedump supports dumping SLTG-format typelibs.

*** IDL compiler

- Application Configuration Files (ACF) are supported.

- Asynchronous interfaces are supported.

- Type and method serialization using encode/decode attributes is

- The defaultvalue() attribute is supported for pointer types.

- Generated files are always specific to the target platform. The
  target can be specified the same way as with the other tools,
  using the cpu-manufacturer-os platform specification.

- Nesting of pointers and arrays works correctly.

- Correct size and alignment are generated for encapsulated unions.

- The __int32 type is supported.

- The -robust command line option is recognized (but ignored) for
  compatibility with the Microsoft IDL compiler.

- Multiple typelibs can be generated into a single resource file.

*** .NET

- 32-bit CIL-only .NET binaries are supported on 64-bit.

- The Mono engine is updated to version 4.7.5 with some upstream Mono


- The typelib marshaller is reimplemented. It generates format strings
  and then uses the standard NDR marshalling routines; this way it
  also works on 64-bit and ARM platforms.

*** Installers

- MSI custom actions run in a separate process, enabling proper
  support for mixed 32/64-bit installers.

- Deferred installation actions are supported in MSI.

*** Build infrastructure

- The test framework supports building helper dlls inside a test, to
  allow testing features that require loading an external library.

- The test framework supports testing Windows kernel drivers.

- It is possible to build and run a WoW64 tree from inside the Wine
  source directory. Previously an out-of-tree build was required.

- A .editorconfig file is provided with the recommended indentation

*** Miscellaneous

- The Task Scheduler service and APIs are implemented.

- The Windows Management Instrumentation service is implemented.

- The OPC Services (Open Packaging Conventions, used for Microsoft
  Office XML files) library is implemented.

- The HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA magic registry key is partially

*** New external dependencies

- The Vulkan library is used to implement the Vulkan graphics driver.

- The Vkd3d library is used to implement Direct3D 12 on top of Vulkan.

- The SDL library is used to support game controllers.

- The GSSAPI library is used to implement Kerberos authentication.

Alexandre Julliard

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Friday, March 24, 2017

CodeWeavers has Released CrossOver 16.2.0 for Linux and MacOS

I am delighted to announce that CodeWeavers has just released CrossOver 16.2.0 for both macOS and Linux. CrossOver 16.2 has many improvements to our core Windows compatibility layer and also specific enhancements for several popular applications.

CrossOver 16.2 is the first version of CrossOver which supports Microsoft Outlook 2013.  We have also made improvements to our compatibility with the rest of the Microsoft Office 2013 suite, including fixes for problems which caused some users to be unable to register.

CrossOver 16.2 also has several improvements for Quicken users who had seen problems with Quicken updates not applying cleanly.

CrossOver 16.2 has a full merge of the final release of Wine 2.0. This final, stable release of Wine means widespread improvements in compatibility with Windows applications.  It is the latest step in the continuous improvement of our core compatibility layer technology.

CrossOver 16.2 also has bug fixes which improve behavior in the older Microsoft Office 2010 suite; improvements to games performance; and several fixes for macOS users in the areas of window management performance and clipboard support.

Mac customers with active support entitlements will be upgraded to CrossOver 16.2 the next time they launch CrossOver.  Linux users can download the latest version from

Change Log For CrossOver Mac and Linux :

16.2.0 CrossOver - March 23, 2017
  • Application Support:
    • CrossOver now supports Outlook 2013.
    • Bugs with Quicken updates have been fixed.
    • Connection issues with Outlook 2010 have been fixed.
    • Bugs activating Office 2013 in some circumstances have been fixed.
  • Wine Update:
    • CrossOver 16.2.0 includes the final release of Wine 2.0.
  • Performance Enhancements and Other Improvements:
    • We have made improvements to our Performance Enhanced Graphics which should improve performance with a variety of games.
    • Windowing behavior on macOS will be faster and more reliable in some circumstances, including cases where productivity-style applications make use of OpenGL.
    • Bugs with copy / paste have been fixed on macOS.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Wine Staging 2.0 RC3 Adds AES-GCM Support and Fixes DOOM 2016 Multiplayer Mode

The Wine Staging development team announced the release and immediate availability of the third Release Candidate (RC) build of the upcoming Wine-Staging 2.0 open-source implementation of Windows on Unix.

Coming hot on the heels of Wine 2.0 RC3, which added a handful of improvements to various Windows apps and games, including Unreal Tournament 3, Streamline, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System, Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch 1.2, and WinAuth 3.5.1, Wine-Staging 2.0 Release Candidate 3 is here to add a basic implementation of AES-GCM support in bcrypt, promising to fix the multiplayer mode for the DOOM 2016 video game.

"This release implements the Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) for AES in bcrypt.dll which fixes the multiplayer mode of DOOM (2016). This feature requires a Wine build linked against GnuTLS 3.0 or higher, which should be available on most modern distributions," reads the release announcement. "To verify this, you can check the output of wine --check-libs and search for the line referring to libgnutls. If the ABI version (the part behind .so) is 28 or higher, you are ready to play DOOM online."

The gdiplus.dll component received various improvements, other than that, Wine-Staging 2.0 RC3 promises to add various improvements to the gdiplus.dll component that contains multiple libraries supporting the "GDI Window manager" in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Of course, all the bugs that have been fixed upstream in the third Release Candidate of Wine 2.0 are also present in this new development build of Wine-Staging 2.0, so we recommend checking out the Wine 2.0 RC3 (link above) if you're curious to know what's changed or improved.

Meanwhile, if you want to test drive Wine-Staging 2.0 right now, you can download the Release Candidate 3 build and compile it yourself on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. Please try to keep in mind that this is still a pre-release version, not suitable for use in production machines, which means that it might contain bugs. If you encounter any, don't hesitate to report them on the official Wine bug tracker. The final releases of Wine 2.0 and Wine-Staging 2.0 should be out early next year.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

CodeWeavers CrossOver Android Preview to be released today

FINALLY!!!! We have arrived at the cusp of Androidism. It’s taken us two years, nine months, two weeks, and a day to get to this point in the process. At by this time tomorrow, CodeWeavers will release the Tech Preview of CrossOver Android to the select users who signed up for initial access. Over the past two years, nine months, two weeks and a day, the product has changed and changed and changed again all in the hopes of somehow being useful on Android devices.

Think about this…When this development started, there were few, if any, Intel based phones. When this development started, there were no Intel based tablets. There was no X86 Android project. There were no Intel based laptops or clamshells. Our development team essentially built a solution for a problem that could not be solved or fixed. At best, they were building a hypothetical solution to prove that it could be possible to run Windows based applications on an Intel Android device. It’s like Henry Ford building a car for a population that didn’t have roads; or Thomas Edison creating a light bulb for a population that didn’t have electricity. And yet, here we are…

Allow me to clearly state that like the first Model T’s and the very first light bulbs, CrossOver Android is far from perfect. It will run a very limited number of Windows applications (some because they just aren’t supported yet on Android and some because Android doesn’t / won’t support them at this time). The former implies that our support isn’t good enough, yet. The latter implies that Android does not have some key components, like OpenGL, to run some Windows applications. AND there is a point to make that some devices just doesn’t have the RAM, disk space, or processing power necessary to run a Windows application. And some devices, like phones, just don’t have the physical screen necessary to make running a Windows application all that appealing. Needless to say, your ‘mileage’ as to how useful CrossOver Android will be come tomorrow will vary.

So what do you NEED to know to make the CrossOver Android Tech Preview as useful as possible for you at this time?

First, you need to confirm that you have an Intel based device. The CrossOver Android Tech Preview will not run on an ARM device. It will not run on an ARM device. It will not run on an ARM device. Understand, I’d give an eye tooth for CrossOver Android to run on an ARM device because, let’s face it, that’ roughly 90% of the market today. Unfortunately, our tech just isn’t built that way. We hope to have ARM Android support sometime next year, but it's far off on our technology roadmap.

Second, you need to know where to find CrossOver Android. The .apk will be available on the Google Play Store. You will need to have provided us your Gmail address (the same one you use for the Google Play Store) to be added to the Technology Preview. We will then e-mail you a link tomorrow so that can ‘opt in’ to our Beta. We think that it's best for us to present CrossOver Android in the Google Play Store and most convenient for our end users.

, you need to know how to best install it on your Chromebook. We have an awesome tutorial on exactly what you need to do to get this to work on a Chromebook. Get the CrossOver Android on Chromebook Tutorial Here. Note that on a Chromebook that process takes approximately an hour to complete (this includes the time required to put your Chromebook in Developer Mode). On an Intel Android device, the process is much quicker.

Additionally, you can find out more about CrossOver Android on our CrossOver Android Webpage.

Finally, you need to have an open mind. The first Model T didn’t race down the highway at 100 MPH. The first light bulb didn’t last for 2000 hours before burning out. CrossOver Android is a Tech Preview. It does some very cool things. It does run Steam. It does run Office 2010. It does run Wizard101. It does not run EVERY WINDOWS APPLICATION KNOWN TO MAN.

So be patient with us. We ARE committed to making the software better and better and better with each passing release. And maybe someday, CrossOver Android will race down a highway at 100 MPH. Who knows??? When we first started development, we didn’t even have a target device in mind (and look at where we are today!!!). When we move from Tech Preview to possibly an Alpha and then straight to a Beta and then to Release Candidate and then to version 1.0, who knows what we’ll be capable of doing? Heck this Androidism thing might just be the start of a technology revolution. We may all be on the front lines of the NEXT BIG THING. (I should probably trademark Androidism now while I have the chance).

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The WineHQ Wine maintenance release 1.8.2 is now available for Linux and Mac OSX

The #WineHQ #Wine maintenance release 1.8.2 is now available for #Linux and #Mac #OSX.

What's new in this release:
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Small translation updates.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.8.2 (total 32):

  12652  Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 fails to launch (number of quality levels for D3DMULTISAMPLE_NONMASKABLE multiple-sample type must not exceed 8)
  13683  Ultima IX: Mouse pointer missing when reading books, under inventory
  14617  Multiple Visual Basic 5/6 applications using ActiveX components depend on Standard OLE Types Typelib which is missing from 'olepro32.dll'
  15473  Adobe After Effects 4 crashes on startup
  25086  Multiple games and applications need kernel32.GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx implementation (CPU-Z 1.72, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Adobe CC 2015, Kontakt 5)
  30687  Powerpoint 2003/2007: embedded video play/pause on click no longer works
  32827  Legrand XlPro 3 (MFC app) crashes on startup (failure to load registry-free COM servers via app hook, 'OleCreate' must ignore HRESULT of 'IOleObject::GetMiscStatus')
  33787  IE8 crashes on new tab
  33988  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Crashes with a page fault
  34174  MinGW installer 0.5-beta-20120426-1 fails to process log files (sharing violation on temp file used for piped output)
  34318  Multiple games and applications need ntdll.dll.EtwRegisterTraceGuidsW (Process Hacker 2.x, Far Cry 4)
  35187  Jade Empire Special Edition configuration tool always resetting video settings
  36013  bleem! 1.4 (PlayStation emulator) fails on startup, complaining with 'Not enough memory to load program!'
  37115  Calling ReadFile from WINBASEAPI (WinBase.h) with zero read length causes hang
  37288  Not implemented feature System.Drawing.Pen.ResetTransform()
  37536  Native MSVCP120.dll override requires implementation of msvcr120.dll._W_Gettnames (Desura client)
  37556  CompareStringW should abort on the first nonmatching character to avoid invalid memory access.
  38314  Mouse Wheel doesn't work for Jagged Alliance 2 version 1.13 (it uses MOUSEHOOKSTRUCTEX)
  39591  Crimzon Clover: Page fault on launch
  39838  Wreckfest Server: Crashes at startup, unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.GetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx & SetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx
  39866  XIIZeal (steam) immediately exits on start
  39875  Starcraft can't see Direct Cable Connection games hosted on another computer
  39878  Diablo II does not start on 64bit system with more than 2GB VRAM cards
  39908  SuperTux 0.3.5a crashes on startup, needs msvcr120.dll.strtof
  40021  IDEA v1.7 fails to start
  40053  Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 (三國志13) fails to start
  40083  Heroes of the Storm Freezes/Crashes after its recent updates
  40129  MSI Reading and Writing Behaves differently than Windows
  40147  Assertion 'm->state == STATE_PASSIVE' failed at pulse/mainloop.c:827 on starting Skype
  40201  EccoPro only works on Wine 1.6.2
  40204  Steam client fails to start with UmePlus font installed, when running in dwrite mode
  40222  IMalloc(Spy)::Free nullptr

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Experimental 64 bit Wine OS X packages ready for testing

Hi all,

Recently there were multiple requests to provide experimental OS X 64 bit packages. I decided to give it a try and updated our build system and cross compiling tool-chain during the last days. Luckily the whole idea turned out to be less difficult than I thought, and I can now present you the first 64-bit Wine packages for testing. It would be great to have some testers to find out if I made a mistake during the packaging and to evaluate how good the OS X 64 bit support already works, despite the GS segment / TEB problem.

You can find the Wine-Staging 2.21 development build. I didn't use the WineHQ url because those packages are really in a very early stage, so I would like to have some more testers first before we push it to the users. The pkg installer will now provide you with an option to enable 64 bit support.

Michael Müller

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vineyard Wine Configuration Application for Linux has been released

Wine version handling, better 64-bit support and bug-fixes!

Vineyard for Ubuntu and Linux has seen some development during the past few weeks and has received bug-fixes and new features! Some of the more advanced functionality – that was previously only supported by editing the wrapper.cfg file – is now easily accessible!

Here’s a list of some the most visible changes:
  • Creating a prefix has been overhauled:
    • You can now choose between creating a 64-bit or 32-bit prefix.
    • A specific version of Wine can be selected to be used for the prefix.
    • Installed versions of Wine are auto-detected (looks through $PATH, /opt and PlayOnLinux folders).
    • Progress indication works (finally).
  • 64-bit support is now auto-detected from the Wine version.
  • The main tab now shows which Wine binaries/version and arch (64/32-bit) is used.
  • The “Run executable” tool works again for .exe files in modern distros.
  • Added newer versions of MS Visual C++ to install list.
  • Launching a terminal in a prefix now works correctly again.
  • The menu icon has been changed to the modern gtk menu icon.
And since a picture is worth a thousand words:

The new prefix creation dialogue

New builds in the PPA

I’ve overhauled the packaging of Vineyard, and we now have builds back up for all LTS (long term support) Ubuntu releases going back to 12.04 (Precise) as well as for 15.10 (Wily) and 16.04 (Xenial). 16.04 deprecated the python-support package in favor of dh-python (in line with Debian), so Vineyard can now be built using both.

The name of the vineyard-testing PPA has also been changed to “PPA for Vineyard” as it really is the current stable PPA; the link is the same, so there’s no need to change your APT configuration.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wine 1.7.18 Released

The Wine development release 1.7.18 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • Improved OLE Accessible Object support.
  • Window sizing improvements in the Mac driver.
  • Fixes for various memory issues found by Valgrind.
  • A few more MSHTML functions.
  • Some DirectDraw cleanups.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

 Bugs fixed in 1.7.18 (total 80):

   5944  IBM Lotus Notes 7.x/8.x: 'File > Preferences > User Preferences...' results in crash
   9667  Grim Fandango hangs if X in 24bpp mode
  13581  mouse corruption in lionheart
  14060  Magic: The Gathering Online 3.x fails to connect/login to server
  15784  Grim Fandango: altered colors
  16966  Powerslide segfaults
  17105  Magic: The Gathering Online 3.0 fails to log in with L0014
  18119  SmartDraw 2009/2010/CI aborts after displaying trial window
  18433  Rosetta Stone Online Spanish (version 0.87594D 221) hangs at "5" during startup
  18614  Problem with starting of wine or winecfg
  19151  Spotify crashes in the mittle of a song and give me a pop-up fault message
  19896  GPS Utility 5.02 fails to connect to GPS device (USB serial)
  20336  GetDriveTypeW exposes partially uninitialized out parameter iosb in NtDeviceIoControlFile ?
  20853  Write buffer overflow in msi/tests/automation.c?
  22515  Gothic 2 1.3 Infogrames Edition installer crashes
  22781  ExpressPCB crashes when you try to upload a board
  23857  Half-Life (Steam) doesn't run
  23995  Football Manager 2010 fails to start
  24064  Many steam games crash because of GameOverlayRenderer.dll
  25241  Steam: Source based games will not start
  26043  advapi32/security tests shows some leaks in valgrind
  26066  use after free in X11DRV_GetKeyboardLayout?
  26639  Steam: crashes randomly while downloading L4D2
  26895  Microsoft 3D Movie Maker: rendering is red mesh/black text on black background
  27102  VoipBuster 4.x crashes on startup
  27413  Segmentation fault in Kudos 2 Demo
  27441  El Matador crashes when starting a level(ASSERTION failed)
  28398  Might & Magic VI Heroes - fails to start game, crashes right after menu
  28621  Magic: The Gathering Online 3.x updater tool 'Kicker.exe' hangs
  28628  advapi32/security.ok: GetTokenInformation(Token, TokenGroups,...) returns partial garbage leading to uninitialized memory accesses?
  28695  Uninitialized variables in create_rebar
  28697  ieframe/tests/ie.ok: Use-after-free (after ImageList_ReplaceIcon)
  28708  gdiplus/tests/image.ok: test_fromhicon triggers reference of uninitialized variable from SetDIBits
  28712  winhttp/notification.ok: invalid read in check_notification
  28761  ddraw/tests: invalid writes in ddraw_surface7_Release and friends
  28767  shell32: uninitialized memory used during TRASH_EnumItems, triggered by "make recyclebin.ok"
  28797  comctl32/tests/listview.ok triggers uninitialized memory read of local variable in NC_DrawCaption()
  28815  kernel32/tests/fiber.ok shows longjmp-related uninitialised memory references
  28921  Battlefield 3 crashes on installation
  28943  Notepad2 v4.2.25 installation fails
  29882  Authorware Web Player 2004 Plugin - mouseClicks and keystroke are not recognized
  30352  builtin iexplore + selenium hangs on startup
  30518  Multiple 64-bit applications need KERNEL32.dll.RtlInstallFunctionTableCallback (Mono, Metatrader 5 Agent)
  30616  7.62 High Calibre configuration tool unusable (can't make changes)
  31918  Saints Row the Third (Steam) crashes on startup (needs support for PrimitiveMiscCaps 'D3DPMISCCAPS_PERSTAGECONSTANT')
  32108  Borderlands 2 (Steam) fails to start
  32138  Dishonored crashes on startup
  32348  Crysis 2 fails to launch
  33146  Path of Exile "Allocating Space" very slow, due to NtFlushVirtualMemory being synchronous
  33347  WISO (Steuer) Sparbuch 2012/2013 fails during online activation (needs HTMLElementCollection_get__newEnum)
  33606  Spin Tires: black menu with missing text (per-stage constants handling needed)
  33745  SimCity Societies launcher (.NET app) crashes on startup (incorrect canonicalization of URL containing trade mark sign character U+2122)
  33958  wine programs crash with joystick connected (OS X)
  34581  Shadow Era client v20120 (Mono game) reports 'Fatal error in gc - GetThreadContext failed' during update/patching
  34698  QQGame 2011 can't load (broken app uses LocalAlloc handle as direct buffer without prior locking)
  34823  Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5 'pdshell16.exe' (.NET 4.x app) fails on startup
  35321  Wolverine: game crash after Unreal technology logo
  35788  Planetside 2 crashes on launch (uninitialized/implausible MONITORINFOA.cbSize passed to GetMonitorInfoA, causing stack buffer overwrite)
  35835  Symantec Norton 360 installer crashes on unimplemented function advapi32.dll.GetTraceLoggerHandle
  36015  FIFA 2002 demo crashes because gethostbyaddr with magic loopback address return NULL
  36024  Adobe Reader 8.1.1 fails to install
  36026  Hawking control center driver install tool crashes during uninstallation (needs shlwapi.SHRegCreateUSKeyA implementation)
  36036  Does not run WorldOfTanks 0.9 in 1.7.17
  36043  Battlefield 1942: Crashes after map loading
  36046  Absolute Blue demo launcher refuses to run
  36050  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.x crashes on unimplemented function msvcr100.dll._wcsupr_l
  36068  Symantec Norton 360 installer needs advapi32.dll GetTraceEnableLevel and GetTraceEnableFlags stubs
  36069  invalid free in oleaut32/tests/vartype test
  36070  Football Manager 2010 demo WMI query 'SELECT Manufacturer,CurrentClockSpeed FROM Win32_Processor' results in endless looping
  36078  .NET 3.0 installer encounters an error and rolls back the installation
  36080  Fifa 11 demo crashes on startup
  36099  Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris fails to start
  36106  Installshield Wizard:  scrollbar appears where it shouldn't be
  36114  msi/action definite leak in is_process_limited
  36132  valgrind shows some leaks in gdiplus/tests/graphics.c
  36149  valgrind shows some an unintialized variable in jscript/tests/run.c
  36161  valgrind shows a leak in wmiutils/tests/path.c
  36177  Saints Row the Third (Steam) crashes on startup (expects 'PixelShader1xMaxValue' >= 32)
  36207  Steel Beasts v1.19 demo installer crashes on exit
  36210  Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5 'pdshell16.exe' (.NET 4.x WPF app) wants oleacc.CreateStdAccessibleObject

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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Update includes “Performance Enhanced Graphics,” promising massive improvements to gaming potency Frame rate improvements of 40%, 60%, or even more...
SAINT PAUL, Minn (November 12, 2013) — CodeWeavers, Inc., developer of CrossOver software which enables Mac and Linux users to run Windows software on their computers without the need of a Microsoft license, announced today the release of its new software, CrossOver 13.

The centerpiece of release 13 is a dramatic improvement in graphics performance, particularly for games. According to CodeWeavers’ CEO Jeremy White, “Even though it’s been shown in many studies that frame rate isn’t the only measure of game play satisfaction, the truth is that many gamers do measure their success by their frame rate. With Performance Enhanced Graphics, now they can play their games any time the moment’s right.”

The reaction from CodeWeavers beta testers has been euphoric. Though user’s mileage may vary depending on their individual… hardware, frame rate increases of between 40-60% (or more) have been noted on titles such as Torchlight 2. One tester noticed a 2x-3x improvement in StarCraft 2. According to another, "With CrossOver 13, I can re-live all of the greatest moments of my misspent gaming youth, with excellent, near-native performance. I can once again be a nano-augmented resurrected Viking warrior working for the NSA, while mowing down innocent civilians in a four-wheeled death machine! Thanks, CodeWeavers!”

The key to CrossOver 13 is a new series of technical enhancements referred to internally as “The Command Stream.” The Command Stream allows CrossOver’s underlying open-source technology, Wine, to process graphical commands separately from CPU-related commands. “This means there’s no waiting around for the GPU to finish what it’s doing,” said White. “Command Stream passes redraws to the GPU just the way it likes it—hard and fast. And everybody gets instant gratification as a result.”

White cautions that Performance Enhanced Graphics is not yet a magic (blue) pill for every game out there. “I can’t promise you that the Command Stream will work miracles on every title. Every GPU’s needs and physiology are slightly different, and not all of them will react as passionately to the Command Stream as others. But for many titles, even middle-aged titles, we’ve been very pleased by what we’ve seen. Many folks will notice that Performance Enhanced Graphics gives them the confidence they need to be ready to play their favorite games. So, if you haven’t tried CrossOver for a while, now is a great time to give it a whirl again.”

CrossOver 13 is immediately available at CodeWeavers. Ask your computer doctor if CrossOver 13 is right for you, or download a free trial from CodeWeavers and try it in the privacy of your own home.

Wondering if your favorite Windows software title will run under CrossOver?

About CodeWeavers
Founded in 1996 as a general software consultancy, CodeWeavers focuses on the development of Wine –the core technology found in all of its CrossOver products. The company’s goal is to bring expanded market opportunities for Windows software developers by making it easier, faster and more painless to port Windows software to Linux. CodeWeavers is recognized as a leader in open-source Windows porting technology, and maintains development offices in Minnesota, the United Kingdom and elsewhere around the world. The company is privately held. For more information about CodeWeavers, log on to

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Announcing CrossOver 13.0.0

Hello all,

I am delighted to announce that CodeWeavers has just released CrossOver 13.0.0 for both Mac OS X and Linux.

The focus of CrossOver 13.0.0 is better performance for games. CrossOver 13.0.0 includes our new Performance Enhanced Graphics. With Performance Enhanced Graphics, CrossOver creates a dedicated thread for graphics commands, making better use of the CPU and GPU.  During in-house testing we have seen some frame rates double what they were with earlier versions of CrossOver.

CrossOver 13.0.0 also includes numerous other enhancements for your favorite Windows applications.  This release includes a new version of Wine - the open source Windows API layer that makes your Windows applications run.  On the Mac, CrossOver 13.0.0 includes several fixes to our Mac Driver.  On Linux, we are now shipping multiarch packages on Debian-based distributions, which should make for smoother installation of CrossOver.

A changelog for CrossOver 13.0.0 is shown below.

Mac customers with active support entitlements will be upgraded to Crossover 13 the next time they launch Crossover. Linux users can download the latest version from

If Crossover asks for registration use your email address & password to register and unlock Crossover. Email if you need more help.

Thank you all for your support, and we hope you enjoy CrossOver 13.0.0!  

CrossOver 13.0.0 - 11/12/2013

* Games Support:

 o CrossOver 13 has our new Performance Enhanced Graphics. Games will run faster, with higher frame rates! This is a major overhaul of the 3D graphics processing in CrossOver, and gives significant improvements in many, many popular games.
 o The launcher for Borderlands 2 is working.
 o Both the Gem Store and mouse work with Guild Wars 2.
 o The mouse pointer in Terraria is now accurate when the window is resized or zoomed.
 o Rendering bugs with RIFT on NVIDIA hardware are fixed.
 o Multi-core rendering can now be enabled in Source games.
 o Mirror's Edge now runs under CrossOver.

* Mac OS X:

 o Input Managers will no longer cause Windows applications running under CrossOver to crash.
 o When you Command-Tab out of a full-screen program and then back, CrossOver will restore that program's display resolution setting.
 o CrossOver uses accelerated OpenGL in all cases.
 o Added support for Mac-style full-screen windows.
 o Enhanced the system tray icon support to handle right-clicks and middle-clicks.
 o Fix a bug which could cause CrossOver to display two mouse cursors in some applications.
 o Lots of window management fixes.
 o Fixed scrolling going diagonal when it shouldn't.
 o Fixed certain programs (e.g. Quicken 2013) failing to launch when using certain keyboard layouts (e.g. US International PC).
 o Fixed a bug where the select-bottle section of the Software Installer window would say Please Wait forever.
 o Improved icon extraction from Windows executables.
* Linux:

 o Architecture specifications have been removed from our package installer filenames. That is, our package installers filenames no longer include the 'i386' specifier. This is purely a cosmetic change in the filenames we ship - some customers were confused, believing they needed a different installer for 64-bit machines, which is not true after the switch to multiarch.
 o Files saved with Microsoft Office are no longer marked as 'executable,' meaning they can be opened by clicking on them in Nautilus or other file browsers.

* Application Support:

 o Project 2010 will run faster.
 o Macros function much better in Microsoft Excel.
 o Access 2000 user interaction is smoother on OS X.
 o The system tray for QQ is functional now on OS X.
 o Kayak Foundry will load files again.
 o Fixed a crash in the Chinese version of Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Wine 1.7.7 Released

The Wine development release 1.7.7 is now available.

What's new in this release:
  • Support for configuring remote shares using Samba's NetAPI library.
  • Multiple keyboard layouts support in the Mac driver.
  • Improved embedding support through XEMBED.
  • Support for arrays in VBScript.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.7.7 (total 49):

   9853  Splinter Cell: CT crashes with an unahandled exception
  14752  Blood 2 (v. 2.1): mouse input not working
  15808  wine's system tray should not wake the cpu when idle
  15868  Tomb Raider underworld demo big troubles
  16121  Word 2003/2007 Bold Face Type Bug
  17037  mountmgr.sys: Wine does not recognise empty DVD-ROMs
  18394  Touhou 9 - Phantasmagoria of Flower View, patching from 1.00 to 1.50a breaks the game
  18763  Program error window for DVD Profiler (with no obvious error)
  20068  Monster Jam: No textures
  21400  PowerPoint 2007 never displays slides 2 or 3 in normal view when paging down
  21561  Frontpage 2003 crashes when adding URL or exiting the program
  21739  Mouse in Nostale not working
  21884  Resident Evil 2: no sound and annoying dialog window
  24849  toolbar buttons in .chm file viewer are not working
  24960  BioEdit crashes with "setup_exception_record stack overflow"
  25635  Every single line is underlined in Dreamweaver codeview
  25877  Mirror does not render properly in Sims 3 sim customization scene
  25923  UltraNitroRacers: Fails to launch with built-in quartz
  25924  UltraNitroRacers: Graphics garbled
  26475  Homefront (Steam) crashes at launch
  26641  CivCity Rome 1.1: text and graphics missing
  26702  Desert Gunner crashes in the main menu
  26860  Tomb Raider Underworld crashes on startup
  27925  IBExpert cease work from 1.3.25
  28862  cannot download watchtower library 2010
  28888  Alt-tabbing from windowed Kanon makes it think alt is held down
  29691  Anno 1404 addon 2.1 update installer after clicking the next-button crashes
  31025  vbscript doesn't support arrays
  31347  Windows Performance Toolkit "xperf.exe" tool for Windows on ARM (WoA) needs KERNEL32.dll.ResolveDelayLoadedAPI
  32734  Caesar IV crashes at launch
  32970  Installing Microsoft Fix it 50356 fails
  33668  Physx 9.12.1031 : Installation fails in 64-bit WINEPREFIX
  33695  Mafia 2 - Failed to create a vertex buffer object
  34034  Locale settings broke shader program generator.
  34055  Textures missing in Age of Empires II: Steam
  34458  No line wrapping in Tweet Attacks Pro
  34637  WinLaunch (OSX Style free Launcher) needs IShellDispatch5 (.NET shell32 COM interop XP vs. Vista)
  34669 app - crash: Page fault on read access to 0x001809c8
  34786  Dungeons & Dragons Online (ddo) fails to open data files with 1.7.4+
  34811  Crash when copy by ctrl+c or in-app copy, cmd+c works fine (using MacDriver) on OS X Mavericks
  34840  Internet Chess Club (ICC) Dasher 1.5.x fails to run due to unimplemented HTMLBodyElement_put_scroll stub
  34894  Version 1.7.6 Compile Failure - Ubuntu 12.04
  34908  TERA Online patcher fails to start
  34911  WinLaunch (OSX Style free Launcher) needs windowscodecs.dll.IPropertyBag2_Write_Proxy
  34912  GEOVIA Surpac 6.x (geology and mine planning software) needs scrrun IFileSystem3::BuildPath
  34948  Chessmaster 10th Edition: title bar covers part of the player login window (Mac OS X only bug)
  34949  Chessmaster 10th Edition: no graphics in the menu, you can't run the game (Mac OS X only bug)
  34968  Freespace becomes unresponsive and showing only black screen
  34969  wininet: In Trackmania Nations Forever new online user registration fails

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Run Windows apps on both OS X & Linux with CrossOver 12.5

Don't want to dual-boot your Mac or Linux PC to run one or two Windows apps? Don't want to install a full virtual operating system for them? CodeWeaver's latest version of CrossOver 12.5 may be just what you want.

Most Mac and Linux users think anything Windows can do their operating systems can do better. Often, they're right, but then there comes that day when they really need to run that one special Windows application and then they're stuck.

Run Windows programs from your Linux desktop or Mac? With CrossOver, it's easy.
There are many ways of handling this. Some people keep old Windows PC around; others dual boot their computers; and quite a few run virtual machines (VM)s of Windows on their Linux PCs and Macs. That's all fine, but it's also a fair amount of trouble.

Then, there's CodeWeaver's approach: Use a program, CrossOver, which enables you to install and run the one or two Windows applications you need on your favorite operating system. CrossOver is based on the open-source project Wine, an implementation of the Windows application programming interface (API) on top of the Unix/Linux operating system family. For each application, CrossOver/Wine creates a small Windows virtual machine just for that program.

You actually don't need CrossOver to run Windows applications on Linux or a Mac. You can do it with Wine alone -- if you know precisely what you're doing. What CrossOver gives you is easy, automated installation of Windows applications, and technical support. And in this latest version, the CrossOver interface has been improved so it's easier than ever to install and manage Windows applications.

The latest version -- CrossOver 12.5, which is based on Wine 1.6 -- supports  thousands of Windows programs. These include: Quicken, Adobe Photoshop, various versions of the Microsoft Office suite; and, of course lots and lots of games. On the fun side of computing, CrossOver supports Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and thousands of others.

Not all programs run equally well. Before you invest in buying CrossOver, which runs $59.95, you'll want to take CodeWeavers up on its offer of a free two-week trial to make sure that your particular must-have program will run right with it.

In particular, this latest version offers better support for Microsoft Outlook, Quicken, Internet Explorer 7, and improved compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite. The company has also fixed several crashes and made numerous usability improvements.

This edition also offers a real improvement in its interoperability with Mac OS X. CrossOver 12.5, which will run with Snow Leopard or later, now has the"Mac Driver" technology enabled by default for all applications. The company claims that this brings improved integration with the OS X desktop environment and improves functions such as drag-and-drop, command-tab switching, Dock and Menu Bar integration, and window transparency. In my limited testing with my Mountain Lion-powered Mac Mini, Mac Driver lived up to these claims.

On Linux, CrossOver boasts a new user interface. This makes it much easier to launch your installed Windows applications. I also found it easier in general to install Windows apps on Linux with CrossOver 12.5. CrossOver isn't perfect. Many Windows applications won't run properly with it. But, many will work with it, and if you only need a couple of Windows apps to make your Linux or Mac computing life complete then CrossOver may well be exactly what you need.

Give it a try and find out for yourself. It won't cost you a thing.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Learning From the Seat of a Tank

From the blog of James B Ramey who has recently been given the new title of Emperor at CodeWeavers. :)

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to play a lot; I mean two – to – three hours a day, every day, since the end of March inside the tank simulation of World of Tanks (WoT). Over 2,500 battles– 1234 wins, 1234 losses, and 39 draws to be exact.  Over the course game play, I’ve managed to learn a few lessons that will no doubt help me in my presidency of CodeWeavers.  It is in that spirit of sharing that I present my Top 10 Lessons from Inside a Tank (and to provide billable hours to the CEO for all the time I’ve spent in battling during work hours):

1.    Idiots Die Quickly – Within seconds of the battle starting.  , there are early tank casualties. Usually, the casualties are the direct result of running headfirst into harm’s way in the shortest amount of time possible.  My takeaway – Making rash decisions can have dire consequences for you and for the people counting on you to be a productive member of their team. It is often better to be initially cautious taking time to learn the ‘terrain’ so as to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

2.    You Can’t Hit a Tank You Can’t See – In battle, your radar goes off identifying an opposing tank.  You can either avoid danger by squeezing your eyes shut or quickly plan a course of action to aggressively eliminate the threat.   My takeaway – You can hope to avoid danger or you can take steps to avoid danger but rarely can you accomplish both – so choose wisely.

3.    Great Teams Typically Beat Great Tanks – Teams are randomly created based on their purpose.  Teams of tanks work together to locate and destroy opponents. A team of highly effective tanks can quickly identify, locate, and disarm almost any opposing tank.  My takeaway – If you want to win, you need to build and maintain effective teams with unique but complementary skill sets.

4.    A Smart Tanker in a Bad Tank is Better than a Dumb Tanker in a Great Tank – In battle, it’s easy to make obvious mistakes.  Smart tankers win more battles because they deliberately avoid choosing the options with little upside.  My takeaway – Managing risk and being aware of your current situation is critical in creating positive outcomes.

5.    Have a Plan – It’s essential to know where you are going and what you want to accomplish to avoid distraction.  Distracted tankers often become target practice.  My takeaway – You need a plan, and you need to work your plan each time you get ready for ‘battle’.  Don’t let distractions deter you from your goals. 

6.    Failure is an Option, Just Not a Goal – In battle, you learn from your mistakes and incorporate the experience for the future.  While no tanker wants to lose, all tankers lose from time to time.  Smart tankers learn from their mistakes.  My takeaway – Failure isn’t about making a mistake.  Failure is about making the same mistake all the time.

7.   Know Your Circumstances, Use Them to Your Advantage – Your circumstances can change in a second’s notice.  Your team is ahead; then, your opponents counter-attack and your team is behind.  Your tank gets damaged, and your mobility is reduced.  Smart tankers are adaptable and adjust their plans accordingly.  My takeaway – You cannot plan for every situation to come, but you can be mostly aware of the situation you are in and adjust your plan to make sound decisions.

8.   No Tank is Perfect
– In battle, the bigger tanks have the bigger guns and the better armor, but  bigger tanks are also slower tanks and cannot turn or rotate as fast as their smaller and lighter counterparts.  Smart tankers know these strengths and weaknesses and adjust their plans accordingly.  My takeaway – Being successful sometimes depends on choosing the path best suited to your current tool set and not necessarily the path best suited to your skill set.

9.   Understand Your Competition –
In WoT, you have the opportunity to repeatedly play a battlefield as an attacker or a defender; from the north or the south; and from the east or the west.  As such, you see how other tankers play.  And you see where other tanks go and where other tanks attack and how other tanks defend.  Smart tankers work to understand their competitors so as to predict and mitigate their opponents’ plans.   My takeaway – The best defense is a good offense.

10.   Have Fun –
I enjoy WoT because I like the competition; I like the interaction with other players; and I like the concept of challenging myself to improve from battle to battle.  Sitting in a tank (for some odd reason) helps me unwind from a long day at the office.  My takeaway – When you find something you enjoy, take the time to do it.  For the fans and customers of CodeWeavers, look for us to continue development in CrossOver to better support World of Tanks on the Mac and Linux platforms.  And good luck to my fellow tankers.  I’ll be looking for you out on the many battlefields (most likely through the cannon scope of my tank).  BANG! 

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Wine 1.6-rc3 Released

The Wine development release 1.6-rc3 is now available.

What's new in this release:
  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

 Bugs fixed in 1.6-rc3 (total 30):

  18355  Evochron Legends doesn't start
  19149  GTA2 hangs up after some time
  19938  GuitarPro: Prints empty tabs
  21238  Stranded II: Bitmap loading errors
  21749  Sierra watcher 3g crashes
  23119  Crystal Disk Mark 3.0 crashes
  23499  Opti Drive Control crashes at startup if a user has no access to the drive
  25346  JASC PSP 8 fails to install
  27628  Pride of Nations Demo / builtin d3dx9_36:  'Failed loading thumbnail game region textures' (purist)
  28078  1914 Shells of Fury: text rendering issue
  28128  Sacred Underworld 2.28 requires MouseWarpOverride=false
  28219  Multiple installers misbehave due to unresolved _BrowseProperty (TargetPath/SelectionPath property handling) (Guitar Hero World Tour, BioEdit)
  29052  Incorrect handling of lit vertices causes models to render black in The Longest Journey
  30019  The Chosen (Well of Souls) demo - terrible performance in mid-game
  30935  Regression: TextPad toolbar icons black
  31009  MS Paint does not open png and jpeg files any more
  31616  Touhou Kaikeidou ~ Marine Benefit runs at 3FPS instead of 60 and stops responding after Character Selection
  32911  Adobe FrameMaker 8 installer aborts with compressed file extraction error
  33210  Disabled buttons text is mirrored when using RTL layout
  33212  Menu font no longer changes with DPI setting
  33338  Oxford English Dictionary crashes on start
  33467  Cannot bring Mac application in front of a Wine application in full screen mode
  33496  pylotro - LOTRO doesn't shows after successful login
  33555  Peachtree Quantum 2010 Accountant Edition post-install COM inproc server registration hangs on PEB lock (process exit)
  33682  ACT! 6 cannot start under Wine 1.5.31
  33786  System.InvalidCastException when launching map in Dungeons
  33800  Naver LINE crashes after login
  33821  Command and Conquer Generals fails to install
  33824  Guitar Pro 5: Some fonts become very small
  33843  Dungeon Siege: In full screen mouse moves screen

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Wine 1.6-rc2 Released

The Wine development release 1.6-rc2 is now available.

What's new in this release:
  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.6-rc2 (total 28):

  15493  Clamwin doesn't clear status window (dogfood)
  17325  Multiwinia locks up when you exit it
  17588  Strong Bad's Cool Game only shows black screen
  18152  lseek* without effect on file stream
  21774  Perfect World International: sometimes audio is missing
  21890  running vc2005: compiler is out of heap space
  23653  gmax crashes if you select opengl, wgl complains glBufferRegionEnabled missing from linux opengl?
  23773  No application close "cross" icon displayed for ForteAgent
  23896  SQLyog ignores checkboxes.
  24402  winegcc does not properly pass cmdline args, e.g. -Wb,--as-cmd="as --32"
  24935  Capella 7: Virtual keyboard not shown correctly
  25176  CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Demo crashes on startup
  25344  Nero 7: Crashed when installing.
  25366  Sacred 2 Fallen Angel requires d3dx9_36.dll.D3DXSaveTextureToFileA
  26598  Iconoclasts does not start
  26853  CSI: Fatal Conspiracy demo: no splash screen without native d3dx9
  30163  Arabic is not displayed correctly
  30681  Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008 installer fails (some .NET assemblies are not updated/patched by .NET service packs containing .msp)
  32661  Word 2003: formulas are invisible
  32872  Compilation broken if clang is installed, but not used for compilation.
  33227  Icebreakers demo: launcher doesn't appear correctly
  33649  wine-1.5.30 - "./configure --with-gnutls" fails with gnutls-3.2.0 - conftest.c:160:15: error: 'gnutls_mac_get_key_size' undeclared
  33700  Shade: Wrath of Angels demo crashes after the intro video
  33727  Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005: cannot control server service with builtin wmiutils (purist)
  33735  Soldier Of Fortune 3: Disabling GLSL required to play game without graphics issues
  33741  Xara Designer Pro crashes when selecting Text
  33748  API-MS-Win-Core-ProcessThreads-L1-1-0.dll failed to initialize
  33780  configure --without-xml --with-dbus fails because of bad AC_REQUIRE logic

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Wine 1.6-rc1 Released

The Wine development release 1.6-rc1 is now available. This is the first release candidate for the upcoming Wine 1.6. It marks the beginning of the code freeze period. Please give this release a good testing to help us make 1.6 as good as possible.

What's new in this release:
  • New implementation of the typelib creation support.
  • GLSL-based support for fixed function vertex shaders.
  • Support for desktop launchers in virtual desktop mode.
  • Fixes for Japanese vertical text.
  • New Croatian translation.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.6-rc1 (total 65):

   2812  unhandled msvideo.dll._MCIWDCREATE
   4342  PrintDlgEx* unimplemented.  Affects native notepad, vfp 9, google chrome, BibleWorks 6, ...
   6071  Magic MP3 tagger can't read directories/mp3-files (needs oleaut32 IRecordInfo::IsMatchingType() impl)
   7675  Adobe InDesign CS2 crashes on startup
   7764  Hallmark Card Studio 2005 Demo doesn't install properly (installer needs VBScript engine -> IActiveScript)
   7816  Photomatix 2.4 crashes if user tries to calculate the average between pictures
   8221  Xfire registration dialog does not work
  11757  Adobe InDesign CS tryout installer crashes early
  12090  Cabos crashes on startup
  13903  Realplayer 11: Can't accept license terms
  14819  Rockman 7 Famicom Edition causes crash,
  16581  Actual progress is not shown within progress bars for Nullsoft installers
  17571  Williams Pinball Classic crashes on launch
  19268  using Radmin: wine stalls if movements/animations in remote screen
  19872  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard - Dictation Box causes program freeze
  19917  ABBYY Lingvo x3/x5 English Edition: crash when installing the application
  20175  ICSD NIST database demo crashes with multiple oleaut32 errors
  20491  VarDateFromStr() can`t parse "26.10.2009 09:31"
  21371  HTML-Kit's visual mode (Prototype Pad) isn't usable
  21524  Mouse cursor is visible when Geiss goes fullscreen, but should be invisible
  21761  Braid demo installer fails to launch Explorer on the start menu directory it created
  21975  QuarkXPress Passport 7.0r0 doesn't show any content
  22026  Symantec LiveUpdate 3.1 refuses to install in NT mode (needs HKLM\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\Eventlog\\Application registry key)
  22079  Right click menu doesn't appear in one section of ImgBurn's disc layout editor
  22280  Splinter Cell Conviction fails at startup because KERNEL32.SetThreadPriorityBoost fails
  22571  Softimage XSI Mod Tool 4.2 fails to install
  23391  Restore after minimize button does not work
  23450  LTSPICE/SWCAD3 Input boxes don't take any input
  23521  4D Server 6.5.4 crashes
  25170  application bdgest crashes
  25271  RootsMagic4: Error logging to New.FamilySearch.Org
  25959  The Next Big Thing (demo): game mostly black without native d3dx9_36
  27720  World of Goo demo rendering problems with builtin d3dx9_38
  27994  Duke Nukem Forever needs d3dx9 native DLLs
  29535  winhelp: Horizontal scrollbar appears when it shouldn't
  30174  winUAE crashes when trying to create emulation window
  30335  PAF5 help viewer (Gecko) print produces blank page(s).
  31669  Not open internal editor of MPLAB
  32312  SNES9x crashes when non-48kHz DirectSound audio output is selected
  33076  QQ 2012 hangs after login
  33189  wineconsole can't launch batch filenames with parenthesis
  33250  unimplemented function atl80.dll.AtlIPersistPropertyBag_Load (QQ International 1.6 crashes)
  33253  Command line: Incorrect behavior of "for" command
  33513  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition: installer fails with builtin mono (Wine requires CodeBase registry value when loading .NET COM classes)
  33548  Civilization IV crashes while starting
  33554  Pervasive SQL v10 w3dbsmgr.exe (Database Service Manager) crashes due to unimplemented function clusapi.dll.GetClusterInformation
  33579  Tencent TM hangs randomly with err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection
  33608  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition: installer fails to detect IE (needs CIM_DataFile WMI class)
  33609  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition: installer warns about non-writable Program Files (needs Win32_Directory WMI class)
  33613  VB6 Application CMDcenter fails with "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch"
  33635  wine cmd executes text inside comments as commands.
  33638  wine cmd wrong extracting of command line arguments while using "%~1"
  33639  wine cmd wrong assignment while using set "var=value" and have spaces after
  33654  MSYS bash.exe redirection fails for ctest.exe (one of the CMake executables)
  33669  Citavi 3.4 installer fails on startup
  33680  Samsung Kies fails to install, wants difxapi.dll.DriverPackagePreinstallW
  33685  Wine doesn't detect Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series
  33699  Jedi Outcast demo installer does not work
  33701  Explorer crashes when extracting the World of Warcraft icon
  33712 web install application crashes wine. until till you get to a pure source...
  33714  Evil Genius crashes when starting a new game
  33715  freopen produces empty file when applied to stdout
  33716  App call ctfmon.exe
  33721  YNAB 4 won't start
  33726  wmiutils should be installed in c:\windows\system32\wbem

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

WineBottler 1.5.30 for Mac OSX was released today

WineBottler 1.5.30 for Mac OSX users was released today, this release comes with Wine 1.5.30 and the updated custom WineBottler starter application. WineBottler has been under constant development for the past year and with this release Mac users can finally benefit from the many feature enhancements and bug fixes that's included in this most recent release.

About WineBottler :

Turn Windows-based programs into OS X apps – NOT. ;)

WineBottler packages Windows-based programs snugly into OS X app-bundles. Then it uses the great OpenSource tool Wine to run the binaries on your Mac – no need to install emulators or other operating systems.

WineBottler comes with preconfigured installations

Select from a wide range of software like browsers, mediaplayers, IDEs or business software. They are all preconfigured to be installed by a single click: Hit "Install" and WineBottler will leave you with a neat app on your desktop. It will take care of downloading and configuering everything for you.

WineBottler can install your exe into an OS X .app

Double-Click your exe or msi and convert it into an app with WineBottler. You can run the generated app like every other program on you Mac. For advanced users, WineBottler gives you a selection of options: install special dependencies and even turn your exe into a selfcontained app - that is an app, that contains everything to run it... even on other Macs. Porting to OS X never was easyer ;).

... or just run that exe

You don't care about generating an app and just want to run it? Double-click the exe and choose "Run directly" and Wine will run it in a generic environment.

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