Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wine 1.3.27 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.27 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • Support for multisampling in Direct3D.
  • New version of the Gecko engine.
  • Improvements to the network proxy handling.
  • Better write support in MSXML.
  • Side-by-side manifests for built-in libraries.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.27:

2841 Missing Minimize Button
5883 Printing does not work for ole visual basic 6
6278 PITy crashes on exit
6399 Crash with debugging tools of Gameboy Advance emulator "Visualboy Advance"
6687 Visual Basic crashes when running a program and pressing a button in it
8354 Mouse is constantly recentered is some games
8724 Total Annihilation: PCM mute/unmute/change in WineOSS
10245 Half-life 2 font issue with 0.9.48 (works 0.9.40)
10340 Pro evolution soccer 2008
12818 Age of Mythology GOLD crashes when exiting the game
12912 Torque Game Builder: Blanks the screen.
13070 Deus Ex 1.1 - Invisible War fails to launch new game
13085 TH06: No FPS limit in fullscreen mode
14377 Crusader Kings: Instant crash when using bride ledger (and some other ledgers)
14762 GeforceFX series: fullscreen PP effect issues / RECT texcoord fixup
17040 Portal crashes when facing towards the exit on the first level
18873 Civilization IV beyond the sword crashing at startup
20413 AtcWindows - sound broken
20758 Missing nul termination in string passed to callback of RtlQueryRegistryValues()?
21102 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin fails to draw intro cinematic
21492 Creating new/opening existing project fails in WinterMute Engine
21785 The Westerner: no background in menu + errors when loading
21805 The game "Which" has incorrect rendering with whitewashed visuals
21814 The game "Which" fails to load a d3dxof object file
21850 Sonic & Knuckles Collection's game window can't be decorated by window managers
22261 Love: "device already allocated" handling - requires patching winealsa.drv or using esound backend
22722 Wine running out of address space (MacOS)
23870 Text not displayed in King's Bounty: the Legend
23871 Stuttering animation in Devil May Cry 4
23952 Fullscreen DirectX applications with enabled DRI won't start
25047 NFS Porsche: Some car paints aren't rendered properly
25065 NFS Porsche: Video track isn't played in intro
25067 NFS Porsche: Background slides are flickering in main menu
26090 graphics output broken in commercial app "Stoe X-Area Recipe"
26796 Deadlock and crash in "gstdemux.c: GSTImpl.csFilter"
26890 winecfg fails to update configuration
27155 averasell crashes on load
27326 DiRT 3 game fails to launch (SecuROM 8.x and SecuROM Data File Activation 2.x/Product Activation)
27834 Photosynth installer crashes in msi
27903 IBExpert crashes on start after upgrading wine (IBExpert was Platinum before)
27920 ComboBoxEx doesn't process WM_ENABLE properly
27924 NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 Ti not being detected
27932 Starcraft II does not render correctly, eventually crashes
27950 fr08 graphical demo crashes on startup
27954 X-Lite 4 installer aborts after failing to start FontCache3
27955 Warspear Online sound stops after a while (Pulseaudio + patched alsa-plugins)
27962 regression stops Age of Wonders from working
27966 iexplore crash whenever click on any links
27984 Starcraft 2 Editor: Renaming an item in the trigger tree suggests it's displayed text and not the item name.
27988 ibexpert can't start since wine 1.3.25
27990 Freespace 2 launcher: buttons not drawn correctly
28003 The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind: object positions are changed
28006 RC Cars demo installer fails to start (installer complains about inadequate processor features)
28015 Rome Total War crashes at startup
28026 chromium crash if --no-sandbox hasn't set
28046 Process Explorer crashes
28069 Skype 5.5: Fails to launch after installation from msi with: Failed to get proc address for DnsFree (DNSAPI.dll)
28084 Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II segfaults when Display Hardware Acceleration is enabled
28088 Wine can play audio despite of disabled sound drivers
28105 NFS Porsche: Crash after changing graphics options
28137 Bloxx It crashes
28146 GODS:Lands of Infinity changes the gamma to an overly bright level
28180 Operation Flashpoint crashes with sound enabled

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wineskin 2.4 has been released

Wineskin 2.4 update is available. You should see it available in Wineskin Winery, as well as the manual install version at the MediaFire download location
Only a few changes in this version
  • Mapping user folders is much more customizable now
  • Fixed the bug where Override->Fullscreen pushed the picture down slightly
  • Option added to set "Focus Follows Mouse" for WineskinX11, instead of always being on
Since Codeweavers put up source code to the Wine they used for Crossover 10.1.0 and Crossover Games 10.1.1, I went ahead and built some engines with them. I'm not sure they are drastically different than the one previous versions though... maybe a few alterations.
WS7WineCX10.1.0 and WS7WineCXG10.1.1 are available in Wineskin Winery and for Manual Download.

Wineskin Pro is now in the works and will be released shortly, with Wineskin Pro you can easily play hundreds of Windows Games on your Mac OS X computer. While Wineskin Pro is geared manly toward Gamers keep in mind you can also run many productivity applications as well! Wineskin Pro only cost $29.95 and comes with six months of updates.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Help support Wine-Review

Hello Everyone,

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If you would like to help support us we have a resellers agreement in place with the folks over at CodeWeavers... They are the main force behind the Wine project at this time, as they employee about half of the core Wine developers.

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Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Wine 1.3.26 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.26 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • Various improvements to the builtin Internet Explorer.
  • Support for Get/SetDIBits in the DIB engine.
  • Support for enhanced metafiles in the View tool.
  • Many improvements in WinHTTP.
  • A number of fixes to the COM stubless marshaller.
  • Improved mechanism for DLL registrations.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.26:

3493 Commandos get's very slow (almost locked) while mouse is moving
4173 Slowness and corruption in old DirectDraw game: Warlords 3
8012 missing aliases for setlocale()
8613 Game Conquest: Frontier Wars 1.07 does not start
9156 images on buttons are drawn incorrectly (Network Assistant)
10211 gmax 1.2 installer doesn't update dialog controls subscribed to SelectionPath event when the INSTALLDIR property has changed
11358 Emulator3000 does not display menu and status bar
12237 Temple Of Elemental Evil crashes after the loading screen
13496 Director Player Error dialog: "The projector file is corrupt. Unable to continue."
17075 PLSQLDeveloper: Trying to create some of bultin reports returns "OLE error 80070057"
17215 Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - excessive clipping of title screen
17874 Runes of Magic - will not install.
19428 Microsoft SQL Express 2005 fails to install - Error 1627 - ERROR_FUNCTION_FAILED
19924 centry7 application (running within IE) doesn't handle font correctly
20711 Flatout2 demo crashes on exit
21202 HotWheels CRASH!: Window invisible
22002 Runes of Magic: crash when clicking "Start game" in the launcher
22090 Starcraft II installer window's border is not transparent, but black
22223 CDBurnerXP's audio disc mode is inaccessible
22466 Zombie Driver: graphical glitches when using hardware vertex shaders
22948 Caesar3: there is only black screen and playing sounds.
23384 Clicking on Audio Tab on Winecfg takes several seconds the first time
23406 Chrome: multiplayer frequently freezes when loading a new map or disconnecting
23621 DDraw surface reference counting doesn't match Windows (causes Recoil to fail)
23703 Runes of Magic clientupdate.exe crashes
23784 Ballistic (Paddle) game - mouse pointer leaves the game's Window when it shouldn't
23939 WoW sound issues on win7
23958 FlylinkDC++ crashes
24706 No fonts displayed in Synthesia
24857 Lotus Approach wont paint initial screen
24894 Where’s Waldo installer refuses to run since it can't phone home via WinHttpRequest com object?
25397 AutoCAD R14: Impossible to enter serial number at 96dpi
25570 Crash when attempting to log in to Desura client
25633 Chip's Challenge crashes Wine after about 10 minutes of gameplay.
25887 winevdm tries to run dos apps via dosbox on Z: which is reserved in dosbox
25905 DC Universe Online: installer window is missing most text
25913 The program TypeFaster.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close.
25977 IW2: Edge of Chaos crashes on exit
26237 EVE-Online Crashes when applyling any setting in options menu
26298 DC Universe Online: needs msvcp90.dll.wctype
26309 Civilization V crashes after clicking play game and prior to the game starting
26491 Guild Wars: No sound in Windows Vista and Windows 7 mode
26556 StarCraft2 Editor: Icons in treeview are transparents
26685 East India Company: multiple issues when using built-in msvcr90.dll
27083 crash while installing Kingsoft PC manager
27178 advapi32: CryptEnumProvidersW may not free resources
27257 Unimplemented function xmllite.dll.CreateXmlWriter
27383 cmd: mkdir should give an error for pre-existing directories
27392 Lemmix game (lemmings clone) - mouse pointer no longer works properly
27393 mmdevapi uninitialiased memory access and crash past rendering
27562 Autocomplete is case sensitive
27615 Regression from 1.3.22 -> 1.3.23. Overlord Steam version. Left mouse button no longer responds in menus.
27630 Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines: Regression causes graphics corruption
27740 Morrowind: click-and-drag doesn't work
27811 CivCity Rome: Autorun.exe shows misplaced text
27818 installer fails to run (invalid command line parameters passed to child due to user32.wsprintf not handling %I64u format specifier)
27838 Can't change some graphics settings in GTAIV
27843 Weather Watcher Live: Cannot start free trial
27862 Watchtower Library 2010 - Italiano don't start
27864 Implement winhttp SetCredentials
27865 Winhttprequest doesn't work with https
27874 Configure detects no Sound System
27882 Eschalon Book I [Steam]: audio stopped working
27883 Bink videos without sound (Mass Effect) [bisected, regression]
27891 Winhttprequest POST doesn't work
27898 Winhttprequest wrong credentials return empty response
27904 wine iexplore parse to
27908 Diablo 2 - sound doesn't work
27913 Safari 5.1 wants msvcr80.dll._vscwprintf_p_l
27915 Lemmix game (lemmings clone) - crashes when entering 1st level
27917 [regression] sound does not work, wine chooses wrong pcm
27926 "#msgctxt#directory#Desktop" used as name for the desktop folder
27927 Winhttprequest WaitForResponse should process messages
27929 Bus error in create_alpha_bitmap on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with Xcode 4.1
27938 GdipDrawString Resource leak (GDI Font object).
27957 psdk2003 installer crash every time
27961 psdk2003 failed to install, ACTION_InstallFiles Failed to ready media for L"qithunk_s.6720DB2A_1A21_4E82_940E_95044B030B06"

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