Monday, May 4, 2015

The Zen of Rolling Rocks Uphill

From Jon Parshall Blog :

I'm coming up on my 13-year anniversary with CodeWeavers in the next couple months. And the question of the hour is: why did I decide to come to CodeWeavers, rather than staying in my previous role as an IT consultant? And was that a good call, particularly given that my livelihood is connected to an insanely difficult open-source technology like Wine?

The parking lot at CodeWeavers. Note the shocking lack of BMWs and Porsches...
Our fabulous parking lot. Note the shocking lack of BMWs and Porsches...
Flash back to the summer of 2002. I was working as an independent business analyst, doing a gig at a large local real-estate firm. I was making very good money. I was also
absolutely bored to tears. So when Jeremy White came calling, saying he needed a right-hand man to help him run CodeWeavers, and that he couldn't really pay me hardly anything to start, and would I like an "opportunity" like that, I honestly didn't hesitate much before saying "Why, yes! I would love an opportunity to work for an obscure, struggling software company while earning a lot less money, and a lot more aggravation!"

Fast-forward to 2015, and here I am. Still. And CodeWeavers is still doing pretty much the same thing: selling CrossOver. We're making more money, but not tons more. And from a technical perspective, we're still rolling a gargantuan rock uphill. Yeah, Wine has come a long way in thirteen years. It runs a lot more stuff now. But it's still a colossal pain in the butt to improve it. And not only that, but as more people have adopted tablets and smartphones, the importance of the Windows software marketplace has slowly diminished (sort of like my hairline), meaning that the hard work we do is arguably less important now than it was when I came aboard. Isn't that just awesome?


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CodeWeavers CrossOver 14.1.1 has been released

Josh DuBois Sent this message to CodeWeavers Forums

I am delighted to announce that CodeWeavers has just released CrossOver 14.1.0 for both Mac OS X and Linux.  CrossOver 14.1.0 has important bug fixes for both Mac and Linux users.

CrossOver 14.1.0 fixes a bug which prevented the .NET 3.5 run-time from installing.  We have fixed a crash in Outlook and improved connectivity with certain Exchange servers.  On OS X, we have fixed a problem with maximized windows which impacted Quicken.  For users of Ubuntu Linux, we have updated our packaging so that CrossOver installs cleanly on Ubuntu 14.04.2.  We have improved the start-up time of the CrossOver Software Installer on all Linux platforms.

Mac customers with active support entitlements will be upgraded to CrossOver 14.1.0 the next time they launch CrossOver.  Linux users can download the latest version from

 Change Log :

14.1.1 CrossOver - April 21, 2015
  • Mac OS X:
    • We have improved joystick support for several games, including Final Fantasy VII and Vanguard Princess (winmm support was improved, so any game which uses this should benefit).
  • Other changes:
    • Allow a new behavior by setting an environment variable, CX_DIRECT_DESKTOP. Bottles created when this environment variable is set will use the native Desktop directly instead of putting a link to it on the Windows Desktop

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hope on the Horizon for Android Games as CodeWeavers Reveals a Technology Preview for CrossOver Android

CodeWeavers is planning on releasing a technology preview for CrossOver Android sometime this summer. This will give YOU the opportunity to try it out and make suggestions as to how we can improve the CrossOver Android experience and what Windows games and software we should focus our efforts in supporting. Much like CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux, our users will have a voice in the direction of the product. And even more so than CrossOver for Mac and CrossOver for Linux, we believe that this type of technology is incredibly compelling considering that you can't run Microsoft Windows on an Android tablet – at all.

With more focus on making Windows games portable on Android devices, it's possible that a whole new game experience is coming in the not so distant future. Games with depth and real AI and multiplayer functionality that create real excitement for gamers. I'm excited to see the next evolution of gaming. But hey if that doesn't work, we will always be able to fling disgruntled birds.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Codeweavers releases CrossOver 14.1.0 for Linux and Mac

CodeWeavers recently released CrossOver 14.1.0 for Linux and mac with a host of bug fixes and application support. Below is the full change log for Crossover 14.1.0 that deatails all the major changes in this release.

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14.1.0 CrossOver - March 17, 2015

  • Application Support:
    • It is again possible to install .Net 3.5.
    • Fixed a hang when using ATOK, a third-party Japanese input method.
    • The Equation Editor menu bar in Word 2003 and Word 97 now works.
    • The Equation Editor in Word 2003 will no longer freeze after multiple launches.
    • Typing a URL into an outgoing email in Outlook 2003 now automatically generates a clickable hyperlink.
    • Changing fonts in Outlook 2003 is now possible.
    • Improved behavior of CrossOver's built-in web browser in certain web-sites.
    • Fixed a crash when displaying certain characters with Uniscribe in Outlook 2010.
  • Mac OS X:
    • Fixed a bug which caused application launchers to disappear when a bottle was renamed.
    • Fixed a problem which made it difficult to change the window size for a maximized window (Quicken was among the impacted applications).
  • Linux:
    • Updated package dependencies to allow installation on Ubuntu
    • Optimized the CrossOver Software Installer for faster startup times in many cases.
    • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused CrossOver to fail to open links in native web browsers.
    • Added a new option, --destdir, to various internal CrossOver command line tools. This may make package generation for Gentoo Linux easier.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

WineBottler 1.7.34 has been released

Improvements for Yosemite
Just a small update for WineBottler.
False positives for AV

As noted earlier, the no-op file winemenubuilder.exe triggered some anti virus checks. Starting with 1.7.34 it should pass them all.
Speaking of viruses
Please download WineBottler directly from – there are some “download”-websites” that bundle WineBottler into an installer that will install adware on your system, too.

UI Improvements
Tweaking the new look and adding it to the progress window.

Fixed a bug, that prevented WineBottler from finishing custom Apps on some Yosemite Macs.
Pushing to 1.7.34.

Wine changelog:
If you should still have issues with AV or generating custom Apps still freezes for you, please let me know.

By the Way:
You can find news on WineBottler now on weibo and vk, too!


On WineBottler on OS X Yosemite... head over to and grab your copy :) .