Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CrossOver Games 7.1.0 Released

From CodeWeavers Announce:

I am happy to announce that we have now released version 7.1.0 of CrossOver Games, for both the Mac and for Linux.

This new version is largely an incremental improvement; it fixes a range of bugs in a number of games. It also includes a full merge with the Wine 1.0 code base, so this is now a 'post Wine 1.0' version of CrossOver Games.

A full change log is included, below.

If you are an existing CrossOver customer with an active support entitlement, you can visit our web site to download this latest version: Also I want to remind folks that with CrossOver Games, we're really trying do much more rapid releases. So, although we've tested this carefully and feel pretty good about it, if you have a working configuration, you might just want to skip this one. Or at the very least, archive your bottles before you upgrade.

At any rate, thanks for all of your support, and I hope you enjoy
gaming with CrossOver!




* CrossOver Games 7.1.0

The gamma control should behave better now. It doesn't change the gamma
on Macs to blue on application exit any longer

The death screen in Team Fortress 2 on radeon cards should be fixed now.
Also the G-Man intro is fixed on those cards

Reflective(environment-mapped) surfaces in Portal work now on Macs with
Geforce 8 cards

The Final Fantasy XI benchmark should run again. This was broken since
CrossOver Games 7.0.

Civilization 4 leader faces should render now on Macs

Fixed a texturing bug on the earth on the Civ4 main screen.

Half Life 2 should run again

Flickering objects in Guild Wars should be fixed

A bug causing crashes on certain CS:S and TF2 MOTDs is fixed

A few regressions in unsupported applications are fixed

Many Wine updates, including a full merge from the Wine 1.0

Monday, July 21, 2008

Defective CDs in CrossOver Games

This is a news update from Codeweavers site about a defect in CX Games for Mac.

It has come to our attention that the CDs supplied with the retail version of CrossOver Games in BestBuy are defective. Customers attempting to install and run CrossOver Games will receive an error message when they try to install Windows software under the product. We apologize for this problem, and will do everything possible to make our customers whole. Fortunately, there is a simple workaround to rectify this error. Please follow these instructions...

The problem

The retail CD version of CrossOver Games sold at BestBuy contains a defective file. CXGames will install fine. However, when the user attempts to install Windows software under CrossOver, or create a bottle (a self-contained virtual Windows environment), the program will return an error message of "Bottle creation failed..." followed by a long, arcane error condition dump (see this screen capture below). This precludes the program's operation, since Windows software cannot be installed. ```Please note``` that this problem only exists on the CD contained in the retail version of CrossOver Games. The CD in the retail version of CrossOver Mac is not defective.

The workaround

Customers who have purchased CrossOver Games can solve this problem by the following simple steps:
  1. Register your CrossOver Games purchase by following the instructions on your registration card. This will create an account on our system, and validate you as a customer.
  2. Download and install the free trial version of CrossOver Games by downloading it from here:
  3. Install the trial version
  4. Unlock the trial version using your email address and password
Once you have unlocked the trial, your program will behave normally.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

CrossOver Games Mac Review at Channelflip


Today we have the final installment in our Mac Gaming 101 mini-series - I hope you’ve found it useful! Today I’m looking at CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Games (based on the Wine project) which was brought out at the end of March, and which seems like a damn good solution for those of you looking to play Windows games on your Mac. And don’t forget that while we’ve been focussing on the Mac side of things, all CrossOver products are also available for Linux. Check out the full range here at CodeWeavers.

Since this was filmed, CodeWeavers brought out version 7.0 of CrossOver which incorporates a few changes to some of the details given in the episode. First up, CrossOver Games now comes with 6 months of support rather than 12. CodeWeavers tell me the 12 months was an introductory offer, and that they plan to upgrade CrossOver Games more frequently than other products, so even in the 6 month window you will still get a good few upgrades.
They’ve also now streamed the Mac version of CrossOver Office into CrossOver Mac Standard and CrossOver Mac Pro (which is to do with what’s included in the CrossOver package, not to do with the kind of Mac you have!) CrossOver Games is included in the latter, so if you use a lot of other Windows software, check out that one too.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everyone please update your RSS feed

It's been three weeks since we moved to the new site and there are still well over 550 subscribers to the old RSS feed here. In the near future, most likely around the first of August this feed will be permanently removed. So I would like to ask everyone to take 1 minute and update their news feed. The new feed has all the current news from

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spreading the word about CrossOver

I just noticed the folks over at CodeWeavers are having a get the word out campaign. If your a proud customer of theirs and would like to help them spread the word about the great products that they have, this would be a good time to do it. Ive personally used their products ever since CrossOver Plugin 1.0 first shipped and have always been satisfied with the product and support that I've received over the years.

Here's a quote and a link to the original post at their site.
Friends of CodeWeavers, unite! First of all, thank you very much for your support. We greatly appreciate everyone who has purchased a copy of CrossOver, or has worked hard as an Advocate to ensure that CrossOver continues to improve and run the apps that you need. Beyond that, though, we also really value those of you who help spread the word about CrossOver. Your favorable comments, both in person and on the Web, are absolutely some of the most powerful things you can do for us. Here are four ways that you can help us us build even more buzz...