Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wine 1.3.19 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.19 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • New sound driver architecture for MMDevAPI.
  • Better support for relative mouse events in DInput.
  • Debugger support for the ARM platform.
  • Various improvements in D3DX9.
  • More MSVC runtime functions.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.19:

1544 Recurring error in direct draw
11561 Page Four text rendering problems
12018 SPSS 16 eval for Windows won't install
12372 BreakQuest crashes on startup; "file not found"
12958 winrar extract files slow with msstyles.
16095 Charset translation in standard output
16815 Cyborg shows splash screen and hangs
17143 Micrografx Designer freezes at start
17804 Sim City 3000 +NoCD fails to load
17863 Some apps can not launch Installshield uninstaller from shortcut
18823 The Typing of the Dead freezes during intro
19152 SimCity 3000 Unlimited Black Main Menu
19493 socket option IP_PKTINFO is not implemented
20509 gdb proxy mode: random reply to Offsets query
20982 shell32 appbar test fails in wow64 wine
20983 shell32 systray test fails in wow64 wine
21268 TheFilmMachine doesn't run
21830 Kurso3 crashes when using the microphone
22761 Qtracker 4.71 crashes on exit
23684 Mass Effect 2 demo: decals on walls and floor flicker
23789 dap94 : cannot find import; DLL may be missing,corrupt or wrong version. File "MSVCP60.dll",error 126
23847 ntdll: NtQuerySystemInformation(SYSTEM_PROCESSOR_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION) should provide NT-style 100ns units (.NET 1.x CLR)
24120 Mp3tag: Runtime Error if "Extended Tags" window is opened
24214 ole: Java SE JRE subinstaller (msi) dies due to OLE compound storage reader failure on some stream (the one after _StringPool stream)
24271 Oblivion loses sound during gameplay
24317 3DMark Vantage needs msvcp80 unimplemented function
24364 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars EditWorld: needs msvcr80.dll._vsprintf_p
24523 Portal: Rendering glitches on menu screen
24573 Freelancer: complete freeze on selecting New Game on fresh install
24794 mytrader2009 crashes lately
24954 Need For Speed Underground 2 installer won't start
25232 Razor2: Hidden Skies has parts that are not rendered
25504 League of Legends - In Launcher Store not displayed
26028 Buitin IE crash while open a activex control from Bank of Communications (wrong instance handle when registering a class using AtlModuleRegisterWndClassInfoA/W)
26059 Garena client GGSAFER driver crashes (needs ntoskrnl.exe PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine stub)
26137 comctl32/tab tests shows an invalid read under valgrind
26314 Champions Online: Mouse Problems
26318 Blood 2 The Chosen: mouse-look problem
26356 Mouse "lags" and doesn't pick up quick movements.
26413 Construction Documents and Services Practice Program: Limited functionality
26580 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: unimplemented function msvcr90.dll._set_printf_count_output (purist)
26655 Wizard101 crashes when rendering webpage
26667 Dangerous Waters crashes on exit
26693 Neverwinter Nights 2 installer window is obscured by installer background image
26718 dbghelp has lots of 'parse_inlined_subroutine Unhandled Tag type' (gcc 4.7)
26722 XP clipbrd.exe crashes on unimplemented function NDdeApi.dll.500
26764 winecfg is picking up the wrong Windows version
26780 Bulletstorm Demo: main menu is pink with glsl disabled
26781 Office 2007 crashes when using the file open dialog
26788 Vista findstr.exe crashes on unimplemented function kernel32.SetThreadPreferredUILanguages
26795 White scrollbar background in builtin iexplore
26811 Office 2003 installer: settings on advanced customization screen cannot be changed
26817 ZBrush 4 crashes.
26836 winedbg continuously emits error messages when attempting to debug a PE executable
26838 CDBurnerXP 3.0 crashes on entering options
26884 Qlione demo crashes on launch
26889 wineserver loses fd_ops in debugging interface.
26896 Chaser v1.50: mouse pointer behaves weirdly in the menu
26899 unimplemented function ole2.dll16.RELEASESTGMEDIUM
26902 VarDateFromStr parses yyyy-mm-dd as yyyy-dd-mm in European locales
26940 advapi32: Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer v14.x needs OpenTraceA/W() and ProcessTrace() stubs

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Wineskin Pro 2.0 screenshot tour

I have had a number of request asking me to publish some screenshots of WineSkin Pro. Here is some screenshots of WineSkin Pro and the options that it provides.

With WineSkin Pro you can easily play your favorite Windows Games on your Mac computer in full screen.

WineSkin Pro Engine and wrapper setup

Engine Download and install
Build your own custom Engine, a Engine is a Wine build B.T.W

File Downloader

Creating a Wrapper
Wine Gecko installer

Configuration Options
Screen Options

Advanced Options
Install Software from your Mac HD

Notepad running in a new Engine install

About Wineskin Pro:
Wineskin is a tool used to make wrappers to run Windows software on Mac OS X. The wrappers are in the form of a normal Mac Application, which can be double clicked and ran just like its native. They can also be used to make a distrabutable port of software. You do not need the Windows program's source code, you can attempt to port any program you want.
With Wineskin Pro you will receive basic support for installing and configuring the Wineskin Application. We will also answer questions about installing engines and configuring wrappers, and in the near future provide custom engines that have been tested to work with today's most popular Games.

Unlike other solutions you can have multiple engines (Wine versions) installed at one time, so if your favorite game runs in that engine you don't have to worry about it breaking in a future Wine release.
We use PayPal as our preferred payment provider, with PayPal you do not need an account to make a transaction simply select to pay via credit card, its very simple and fast.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Mac and Linux Users Run Power BibleCD in Minutes

Welcome Mac and Linux users. You have probably stumbled upon this page because you want to run Power Bible CD for Christian Bible study, but Power BibleCD is widely known as an easy-to use Windows only application. And you don't have Windows. Well fear not. With CrossOver you can get the most out of your Bible study time by running your Power BibleCD on Mac and Linux.

It's features, such as floating cross-references, floating Strong's definitions, a lesson editor and fast bible searches will run without rebooting your computer or having a virtual machine. You will have full access to Power BibleCD's 22 Bible translations, 10 Bible dictionaries, 20 commentaries and 700,000 cross references.

Take a moment to watch our instructional video on how to install CrossOver to run Power BibleCD. Then try CrossOver free with our trial. After the trial expires be sure to come back to this page and purchase CrossOver with a 20% discount just for Power BibleCD users.

Please note that you are going to have to purchase the Power BibleCD prior to downloading CrossOver.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Crossover Mac 10 Review

Having a Mac has it’s ups and downs, its awesome for music, business, and school. One thing Mac is definitely lacking are games. All those awesome titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and others are usually only on Windows and occasionally iOS, but there is always an answer and in this case it is called CrossOver. CrossOver brings all those great applications made for Windows to your Mac and even Linux. It comes in three different versions to fit your needs: CrossOver Standard, CrossOver Games, and CrossOver Professional. Here is a quick summary of how it works. It emulates windows, but there is no dealing with virtual machines or full reboots. CrossOver simulates a reboot within the application if one is needed. CrossOver beats virtualizing games on your Mac in VMware Fusion or Parallels by not having to run unnecessary processes.

It also works with Wine, which pretty much ports or brings over the important files from Windows and allows your Mac to run the applications in CrossOver. It works very well with CrossTie games, but I have found that games that are not supported by CrossTie directly have a slight amount of lag, but for gaming on a Mac, the graphics and speed are on par. However, you also need to take into account that the lag might not be from the application, but the hardware of the Mac.

Above I talked about CrossTie, which helps you by supporting certain games that can be found on the CodeWeavers website’s compatibility page. CrossTie has everything you need, and downloads everything you need. Even if your software isn’t supported, almost all the time you can get your software to work. Also, if your software isn’t supported by CrossTie you can pledge for it, and get it supported by CrossTie.

My final thoughts of CrossOver are that it works extremely well when you think of all that CrossOver is doing. It is very fast, and being an avid game, I have found that games are just amazing on the Mac thanks to CrossOver.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Wine 1.3.18 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.18 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • Support for mouse pointer clipping.
  • Raw mouse events support using XInput2.
  • First steps of a DIB engine implementation.
  • More properties supported in DXDiag.
  • New security tab in the Internet control panel.
  • Improved video playback on Mac OS X.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.
Bugs fixed in 1.3.18:

1918 PostMessage(hwnd,WM_QUIT,0,0) doesn't exit the message loop
4553 Future Cop doesn't start
5559 rendering problem in Beyond Good and Evil
7663 War Of the Ring Demo aborts silently on startup
9026 division by zero in winealsa
13387 Crysis patcher fails
14045 SketchUp was unable to initialize OpenGL
15304 Running any Half-Life based game in "Windowed Mode" corrupts mouse movement
15394 Activating a single item menu using a hotkey doesn't execute the menu item command
16187 Google Sketchup Layout crashes on startup (needs TIFF encoding)
19191 Adobe Updater 6: unable to install updates for Adobe Reader 9
19960 NtQuerySystemInformation( SystemProcessorPerformanceInformation returns stale and incorrect values
20998 Anarchy Online starting up slowly and KDE panel shown fullscreen
22282 Dragon Age: Origins mouse control glitches
23509 SetThreadAffinityMask() doesn't work correctly anymore
23830 KKBOX crashes
23962 Borderlands will not start
24134 Demos on dhpoware website won't run without native msvcp100.dll
24359 dbghelp has lots of 'elf_new_wine_thunks Duplicate' (gcc 4.6)
24870 thief gold multiprocessor bug not affected by taskset or schedtool.
25321 Osu! doesn't run in OpenGL mode
25407 Office 2007 SP2 installer reports success but fails to install some components
25520 Unreal Gold ( version) crashes
25653 ratGPU standalone renderer hits unimplemented function MSVCR90.dll.__CxxFrameHandler3 on x86_64
25825 kernel32:debugger tests fail under clang
25920 winedbg does not work under clang
25975 Edge of Chaos window display does not update
26013 Brigade E5 crashes at startup
26023 Live Messenger 2009 crashes on start, needs msvcr80.dll._mbslwr_s
26026 Installation of ICBC online bank Active Control needs scarddlg.dll
26266 Moving the mouse ingame causes it to halt in Retribution Engine
26284 Crysis 2 demo needs msvcr90.dll._snscanf (purist)
26381 mcmap.exe help text is wrong
26418 Guitar Hero World Tour: Playstation 3 (ps3) hardware detection in game
26482 Typo in leads to FTBFS
26509 dbghelp gives a ton of duplicate symbols under clang
26564 Sinking Island: exception occurs on exit
26591 Slingplayer 2 crashes when clicking on "Log in" when compiled with gcc -O0
26599 ip-tv player not switch to fullscreen
26627 Z doesn't install (needs ole2disp.SETERRORINFO)
26632 MultiByteToWideChar with MB_ERR_INVALID_CHARS doesn't fail for some code points.
26650 MS Office 2007 won't install
26675 Lots of black surfaces and textures in Dungeon Keeper 2
26679 Warcraft 3 stops rendering when pressing the left mouse button (selecting several units)
26689 Creative Writer 2 crashes after opening some sets of files consecutively
26720 hifree required InternetSetW with INTERNET_OPTION_DATA_SEND_TIMEOUT
26728 d3d_compiler/reflection test shows a ton of valgrind warnings
26732 Winecfg: tab text is missing
26733 AutoCAD 2008: Hang-up at start-up
26735 It should be possible to select Windows 2008 R2
26777 Games for Windows Live fails to start without native windowscodecs

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Monday, April 4, 2011

CodeWeavers Affiliate program is now open to the public

Owners or Webmasters of Linux, Mac and BSD centric sites are invited at this time to take advantage of CodeWeavers Affiliate program and earn 10% commissions.

The CodeWeavers Affiliate Program helps turn visits to your site into revenue for you. Place links to their products on your website, and when a visitor follows those links to and completes a qualifying purchase, you will earn a commission.

It is easy to enter and maintain this partnership as you are provided with:

  • Free membership
  • The powerful draw of CodeWeavers unique products
  • A great commission structure that pays 10% with ninety day cookies
  • Free professionally designed banners
  • Data feeds with information on your click troughs and revenue
  • Extra opportunities to earn commissions e.g dealcodes for your readers
  • A dedicated team to help you.

  • Banners:

    Here is a example banner for CrossOver Games, CodeWeavers has a large assortment of banners to choose from. Or if you wish you can design and use your own custom banners.

    Link Ads:

    You can also use the ads in links to CodeWeavers front page, products page, store or any section of their site you wish to link to. You can use your ad number in your links.

    Putty for Mac
    Putty for Mac

    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    New winetricks 20110311b released

    Dan Kegel released winetricks 20110311b this release is a bug fix release with many new features and 70 games added.

    Changes since winetricks-20110123
    (for anyone who has not been using the alpha versions):
    • manages multiple wineprefixes
    • apps are now installed into separate wineprefixes by default
    • gui now split into separate pages for games, benchmarks, apps, dlls, fonts
    • gui now shows approximate disk requirement and install times
    • gui now lets you pick silent installation mode
    • apps that are broken (e.g. have drm that wine can't handle) are
    • now hidden by default, gui has a button to reveal them
    • 70 games added, including Dragon Age II demo, Starcraft II demo, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 2 demo, Call of Duty...
    • Many updates and bugfixes

    Changes since winetricks-alpha-20110310:
    • mdac25, mdac27 removed, as downloads no longer available
    • mdac28: updated to sp1
    • sizes/times in gui updated. (Most show download + install time; a future release will show just install time.)

    Download url:

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    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Coming soon: PlayOnWindows, by the creators of PlayOnLinux!

    We are very proud to announce that a new project will soon see the light of day!

    Introducing: PlayOnWindows!


    We noticed that some applications work better using Wine that running them directly on Windows. Also, Microsoft no longer offer support for several of their systems (Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000... and soon XP). But some of these systems are still in use today (notably in several businesses).
    Lastly, performances leave no doubt: applications run much faster using Wine + Windows 98, for instance, than natively under Windows Vista.

    And that's why we decided to create PlayOnWindows.

    This will allow you, for example, to use Internet Explorer 7 with Windows 95!

    Don't believe us?

    Here is visual proof!

    Although we still have some details to fix, including the install manager, we are hoping to get the beta version out in the coming weeks.

    Of course, PoW will be distributed with a GPLv3 license!

    As for the list of supported applications, as of now, it is the same as PlayOnLinux.

    The PlayOnLinux team will keep in touch very soon regarding the evolution of this new project. We firmly believe it will be the big buzz in the world of software for 2011!

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