Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CodeWeavers CrossOver 11.2.0 for Linux and MAC has been released

CodeWeavers today released CrossOver 11.2.0 for Linux and Mac this is a service update with many bug fixes and game support updates. CrossOver lets Linux and Mac computer users run many of today's most popular Windows software without the need to duel boot or the need of a Windows license. The full change log for this release is provided below.

About CodeWeavers
Founded in 1996 as a general software consultancy, CodeWeavers focuses on the development of Wine –the core technology found in all of its CrossOver products. The company’s goal is to bring expanded market opportunities for Windows software developers by making it easier, faster and more painless to port Windows software to Linux. CodeWeavers is recognized as a leader in open-source Windows porting technology, and maintains development offices in Minnesota, the United Kingdom and elsewhere around the world. The company is privately held. For more information about CodeWeavers, log on to

11.2.0 CrossOver XI - June 25, 2012
  • Mac OS X:
    • Support for OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion.
    • Signed code to work with Mountain Lion's 'Gatekeeper' feature.
    • Bug fix for a crash when typing with Chinese Pinyin input on Mac OS X 10.7.
    • Fix for certain graphical glitches where small black rectangles would appear in certain applications.
    • Improve font discovery.
    • Prevent an occasional hang while updating CrossTie profiles.
    • Fix a crash in Civilization IV and V in windowed mode.
    • Fix an issue where applications could appear frozen after being minimized into the Dock, even though they were still running.
    • Fix an error opening documents with parentheses '()' in their filenames.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Added support for Microsoft Visio 2010.
    • Added support for Microsoft Project 2010.
    • Integration of Wine 1.4.1, which includes many, many bug fixes and improvements over Wine 1.4.0, as well as improved translations for many languages.
    • Bug fix for microphone detection for Rosetta Stone 3.
    • Fix a crash for certain files PowerPoint 2010.
    • Improvements to Japanese input when running Internet Explorer 7.
    • Improvements to graphics card detection.
    • Allow for graphics driver detection in CrossTie files.
    • Better installation notes during CrossTie installations.

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