Saturday, July 12, 2008

CrossOver Games Mac Review at Channelflip


Today we have the final installment in our Mac Gaming 101 mini-series - I hope you’ve found it useful! Today I’m looking at CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Games (based on the Wine project) which was brought out at the end of March, and which seems like a damn good solution for those of you looking to play Windows games on your Mac. And don’t forget that while we’ve been focussing on the Mac side of things, all CrossOver products are also available for Linux. Check out the full range here at CodeWeavers.

Since this was filmed, CodeWeavers brought out version 7.0 of CrossOver which incorporates a few changes to some of the details given in the episode. First up, CrossOver Games now comes with 6 months of support rather than 12. CodeWeavers tell me the 12 months was an introductory offer, and that they plan to upgrade CrossOver Games more frequently than other products, so even in the 6 month window you will still get a good few upgrades.
They’ve also now streamed the Mac version of CrossOver Office into CrossOver Mac Standard and CrossOver Mac Pro (which is to do with what’s included in the CrossOver package, not to do with the kind of Mac you have!) CrossOver Games is included in the latter, so if you use a lot of other Windows software, check out that one too.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

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