Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wineskin 2.4 has been released

Wineskin 2.4 update is available. You should see it available in Wineskin Winery, as well as the manual install version at the MediaFire download location
Only a few changes in this version
  • Mapping user folders is much more customizable now
  • Fixed the bug where Override->Fullscreen pushed the picture down slightly
  • Option added to set "Focus Follows Mouse" for WineskinX11, instead of always being on
Since Codeweavers put up source code to the Wine they used for Crossover 10.1.0 and Crossover Games 10.1.1, I went ahead and built some engines with them. I'm not sure they are drastically different than the one previous versions though... maybe a few alterations.
WS7WineCX10.1.0 and WS7WineCXG10.1.1 are available in Wineskin Winery and for Manual Download.

Wineskin Pro is now in the works and will be released shortly, with Wineskin Pro you can easily play hundreds of Windows Games on your Mac OS X computer. While Wineskin Pro is geared manly toward Gamers keep in mind you can also run many productivity applications as well! Wineskin Pro only cost $29.95 and comes with six months of updates.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

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