Friday, November 22, 2013

Wine 1.7.7 Released

The Wine development release 1.7.7 is now available.

What's new in this release:
  • Support for configuring remote shares using Samba's NetAPI library.
  • Multiple keyboard layouts support in the Mac driver.
  • Improved embedding support through XEMBED.
  • Support for arrays in VBScript.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.7.7 (total 49):

   9853  Splinter Cell: CT crashes with an unahandled exception
  14752  Blood 2 (v. 2.1): mouse input not working
  15808  wine's system tray should not wake the cpu when idle
  15868  Tomb Raider underworld demo big troubles
  16121  Word 2003/2007 Bold Face Type Bug
  17037  mountmgr.sys: Wine does not recognise empty DVD-ROMs
  18394  Touhou 9 - Phantasmagoria of Flower View, patching from 1.00 to 1.50a breaks the game
  18763  Program error window for DVD Profiler (with no obvious error)
  20068  Monster Jam: No textures
  21400  PowerPoint 2007 never displays slides 2 or 3 in normal view when paging down
  21561  Frontpage 2003 crashes when adding URL or exiting the program
  21739  Mouse in Nostale not working
  21884  Resident Evil 2: no sound and annoying dialog window
  24849  toolbar buttons in .chm file viewer are not working
  24960  BioEdit crashes with "setup_exception_record stack overflow"
  25635  Every single line is underlined in Dreamweaver codeview
  25877  Mirror does not render properly in Sims 3 sim customization scene
  25923  UltraNitroRacers: Fails to launch with built-in quartz
  25924  UltraNitroRacers: Graphics garbled
  26475  Homefront (Steam) crashes at launch
  26641  CivCity Rome 1.1: text and graphics missing
  26702  Desert Gunner crashes in the main menu
  26860  Tomb Raider Underworld crashes on startup
  27925  IBExpert cease work from 1.3.25
  28862  cannot download watchtower library 2010
  28888  Alt-tabbing from windowed Kanon makes it think alt is held down
  29691  Anno 1404 addon 2.1 update installer after clicking the next-button crashes
  31025  vbscript doesn't support arrays
  31347  Windows Performance Toolkit "xperf.exe" tool for Windows on ARM (WoA) needs KERNEL32.dll.ResolveDelayLoadedAPI
  32734  Caesar IV crashes at launch
  32970  Installing Microsoft Fix it 50356 fails
  33668  Physx 9.12.1031 : Installation fails in 64-bit WINEPREFIX
  33695  Mafia 2 - Failed to create a vertex buffer object
  34034  Locale settings broke shader program generator.
  34055  Textures missing in Age of Empires II: Steam
  34458  No line wrapping in Tweet Attacks Pro
  34637  WinLaunch (OSX Style free Launcher) needs IShellDispatch5 (.NET shell32 COM interop XP vs. Vista)
  34669 app - crash: Page fault on read access to 0x001809c8
  34786  Dungeons & Dragons Online (ddo) fails to open data files with 1.7.4+
  34811  Crash when copy by ctrl+c or in-app copy, cmd+c works fine (using MacDriver) on OS X Mavericks
  34840  Internet Chess Club (ICC) Dasher 1.5.x fails to run due to unimplemented HTMLBodyElement_put_scroll stub
  34894  Version 1.7.6 Compile Failure - Ubuntu 12.04
  34908  TERA Online patcher fails to start
  34911  WinLaunch (OSX Style free Launcher) needs windowscodecs.dll.IPropertyBag2_Write_Proxy
  34912  GEOVIA Surpac 6.x (geology and mine planning software) needs scrrun IFileSystem3::BuildPath
  34948  Chessmaster 10th Edition: title bar covers part of the player login window (Mac OS X only bug)
  34949  Chessmaster 10th Edition: no graphics in the menu, you can't run the game (Mac OS X only bug)
  34968  Freespace becomes unresponsive and showing only black screen
  34969  wininet: In Trackmania Nations Forever new online user registration fails

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