Sunday, March 5, 2017

The WineHQ Wine development release 2.3 is now available for Linux and Mac

The WineHQ Wine development release 2.3 is now available for Linux and Mac

What's new in this release:
  • Obsolete wineinstall script removed.
  • More Direct3D command stream work.
  • A few more Shader Model 5 instructions.
  • Better underline rendering in DirectWrite.
  • Improved ODBC support on 64-bit.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 2.3 (total 41):

  13249  Putty 0.60: Yes/No/Cancel dialog moving with keyboard arrows
  20215  Extra mouse buttons do not work in Firefox
  23187  DeferWindowPos behaves wrong when invalid HWND
  25700  MessageBox does not display last word if string contains '&' (ampersand)
  33423  Cultures 3 multiplayer hangs while creating a game
  33717  regedit: Sorting registry keys on refreshing
  37070  Missing polygons on 3D objects in Revenant (ddraw:d3d_device7_GetClipStatus iface, clip_status stub)
  37390  Word 2007: crashes when choosing a font
  37976  Poedit 1.7.4 crashes on unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.??0_ReentrantBlockingLock@details@Concurrency@@QAE@XZ
  38354  Multiple games and applications need msvcr120.dll._except1 (Audacity 2.1.0, Tera Online)
  39895  MalwareBytes Anti-malware software needs msvcr100.dll.lldiv implementation
  40488  Revenant crashes when starting a new game
  40948  Multiple apps need api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll.__initialize_lconv_for_unsigned_char
  40956  unimplemented function msvcr110.dll._Lock_shared_ptr_spin_lock when starting Zoner Photo Studio 18
  41394  3DMark2001se 'Car chase' speed regression on mesa/nouveau
  41408  Multiple applications crash on unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.??0task_continuation_context@Concurrency@@AAE@XZ
  41682  SPG-Verein 3.2 fails to install, needs advapi32.LookupSecurityDescriptorPartsA
  41725  Unimplemented function api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0.dll._except1 (Starcraft 2 main menu, Firefox)
  41907  Necropolis: Unimplemented copy from WINED3D_LOCATION_TEXTURE_RGB to WINED3D_LOCATION_TEXTURE_RGB for depth/stencil buffers
  41928  Mortal Kombat X needs msvcr110.dll._get_dstbias
  42001  SC2 unimplemented function ucrtbase.dll._except1
  42129  Steam client - unimplemented function mfreadwrite.dll.MFCreateSourceReaderFromMediaSource
  42138  bug when running reaktor 6: "Unhandled exception: unimplemented function concrt140.dll.??0_ReentrantBlockingLock@details@Concurrency@@QAE@XZ called in 32-bit code (0x7b43bf1c)."
  42240  Kontact 5.6 needs concrt140.dll.??0_ReentrantBlockingLock@details@Concurrency@@QEAA@XZ
  42381  Final Fantasy V crashes
  42405  Drawn lines are too long.
  42426  ReportTool, part of SteuerSparErklaerung 2017 (german tax app) crashes on unimplemented function wlanapi.dll.WlanRegisterNotification
  42463  ZmLearn crash at startup: "Assertion 'm->state == STATE_PASSIVE' failed at pulse/mainloop.c:787, function pa_mainloop_prepare(). Aborting."
  42465  winhttp set_cookies() violates RFC6265 string comparison rules
  42469  GetOpenFileName should expand environment variables in lpstrInitialDir
  42483  Build for Ubuntu Precise fails because MPG123_IGNORE_INFOFRAME is undeclared
  42487  Free Devanagari font Samanata crashes during GPOS processing
  42490  Assertion failure when clicking boxes in altWinDirStat
  42504  Computemark 2.1 runs with Wine 2.2 but black benchmark window..
  42506  STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl crashes on startup
  42507  Final Fantasy XI Online: Intermittent crashes.
  42509  The Witcher 3 hangs the system on startup
  42511  winnt.h: invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'volatile char*'
  42516  Kholat hangs on splash screen
  42547  winex11.drv compilation fails on systems without XInput2 support
  42567  Acid Pro Trial 7.0e  fails to install

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