Friday, March 31, 2017

The WineHQ Wine development release 2.5 is now available for Linux and Mac

The WineHQ Wine development release 2.5 is now available for Linux and Mac

What's new in this release:
  • Support for message-mode named pipes.
  • Translation of version resources through po files.
  • Transform feedback support in Direct3D.
  • Scheduler classes in C++ runtime.
  • Better scrolling in popup menus.
  • More improvements to the XML reader.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 2.5 (total 30):

  17195  Multiple applications and games need support for named pipe message mode (NamedPipe datagrams need to be _really_ datagrams)
  23302  Not standard background color in Wine configuration
  32925  WinUAE 2.5.1 beta crashes on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.GetVolumeInformationByHandleW
  33899  Mouse moves screen in fullscreen.
  34676  Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Demo needs msvcp100.dll.?is_current_task_group_canceling@Concurrency@@YA_NXZ
  37402  WideCharToMultiByte is supposed to reject invalid flags
  37887  SteuerSparErkl√§rung 2015: crashes when importing a receipt on unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.?_Trace_ppl_function@Concurrency@@YAXABU_GUID@@EW4ConcRT_
  38526  QTravel, part of Qstarz PC Suite (Q2000) v3.x crashes on startup
  40328  Rayman 3 Crashes loading 2nd level.
  40465  The sting demo is mainly black
  40480  Skyrim crashes with "wined3d_texture_load Failed to load location (srgb 0)."
  40789  Rayman 3 Crashes on first lv.
  41213  Elder Scrolls Online requires more than 16 samplers in pixel shaders with D3D11 renderer
  41757  Natsuiro Asagao Residence (demo): fails to detect Japanese environment.
  42017  Silence d3d11_immediate_context_OMSetBlendState  spam at console
  42050  wine-mono 4.6.4 System.argumentException (APB Reloaded)
  42271  Final Fantasy X needs msvcr110.dll.__crtUnhandledException
  42621  Unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.?_Trace_ppl_function@Concurrency@@YAXAEBU_GUID@@EW4ConcRT_
  42626  unimplemented function msvcr110.dll.__crtUnhandledException
  42629  Galactic Civilization 3 fails to run
  42656  ACDSee Pro 10 needs msvcp140.dll.?_Schedule_chore@details@Concurrency@@YAHPEAU_Threadpool_chore@
  42657  ACDSee Pro 9 needs msvcr120.dll.?Alloc@Concurrency@@YAPEAX_K@Z
  42658  Playstation Now needs msvcr120.dll.?Alloc@Concurrency@@YAPAXI@Z
  42665  Mafia III launcher fails to start (needs uiautomationcore.dll.UiaLookupId)
  42670  Mafia III launcher fails to start (needs uiautomationcore.dll.UiaGetReservedMixedAttributeValue)
  42671  Mafia III launcher fails to start (needs uiautomationcore.dll.UiaGetReservedNotSupportedValue)
  42684  Steep (Ubisoft) needs iphlpapi.dll. GetUnicastIpAddressTable
  42688  Native Acces crashes on unimplemented msvcp140.dll.?__ExceptionPtrCompare@@YA_NPBX0@Z
  42700  Mafia III stops after launching (needs api-ms-win-core-quirks-l1-1-0.dll.QuirkIsEnabled3)
  42703  Excel 2010 does not work: unimplemented function oleaut32.dll.GetAltMonthNames

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