Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wine 1.8-rc2 has been Released

The WineHQ Wine development release 1.8-rc2 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

  • The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

     Bugs fixed in 1.8-rc2 (total 45):

       5627  Install can not find WORDPAD for README
       6176  Rhino 3D v3 (CAD app) crashes on startup (OpenGL/DIB driver needs to return max index for NULL PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR)
       9095  DM Genie 2.x fails on startup with 'ITypeInfo_fnInvoke failed to convert param 1 to VT_VARIANT|VT_ARRAY|VT_BYREF from VT_I2|VT_BYREF'
       9435  MDI child window outside main window gives scrollbars
      18378  NFS 4 Road Challenge: Installation of 4.50 patch fails
      20948  Eclipse (Europa) Links from Welcome window do not work
      22417  Roblox fails to start games, reports 'RobloxApp(13): Unknown error 0x800703E6'
      22691  Drag-and-drop doesn't work in CDBurnerXP 4.2+ audio disc mode
      24208  Eclipse (Europa) - html-based Welcome window is blank
      24473  IRPF Bolsa software doesn't work
      24747  MP3VCR 0.4.17 (VB6 app) crashes when clicking 'presets' button or doing other actions (change skin, load radio station)
      25064  Solo on Keyboard 9.0.5: Clicking on HTML page no effect.
      28029  Gunz launcher runs explorer instead of the game's launcher
      28589  Poor performance in Diner Dash 5
      31537  Encore 5 crashes when opening .enc files
      31629  Diner Dash 2: Moving mouse causes graphics to jump around
      31998  Avseq crashes in menu when multisampling enabled in Wine
      32006  Multiple games and applications need 'IDXGIOutput::GetDesc' method implementation (Direct3D10 SDK samples, Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012)
      33258  Visio 2010 and Office 2010 can't be installed in the same prefix
      33720  user32:menu
      33736  Excel Viewer 2007: "Open" button does not work on Vista+
      34175  Shift-backspace doesn't work as backspace in cmd
      35418  some drawing operations in Mixcraft 6 are very slow with client-side graphics enabled
      35422  Dashlane (password and forms-fill manager) fails to install
      35610  The of user32:msg tests fail in the Hebrew locale
      35655  3Dmark 2000 shows considerable performance drop after Wine 1.7.13 (expensive GetPixelFormat() called too frequently)
      35734  Pokemon Zeta 1.3.28 crashes on startup (ASProtect SKE v2.72)
      35975  Comanche 3 shows only gray screen
      36081  mshtml/dom test crashes
      36086  Installation of Half-Life Opposing Force fails due to file "ereg.dll" being read-only
      36900  Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Campaigns: no video (regression)
      36932  BreezeBrowser: cannot expand directories in file browser
      36970  Blue Iris 3.x (video surveillance software) crashes after 30 seconds
      37358  FEAR 1: Installer says "wrong serial" even if entered correctly
      37859  BOINC 6.x/7.x take a long time to "start" when launched from boincmgr
      37939  Keyboard doesnt work for Project IGI 2
      37944  Origin's updater crashes before finishing the download process
      38669  IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) Console 9.1 installer hangs at 'Evaluating launch conditions' stage
      39039  Popup tooltips missing and buttons don't work on
      39247  user32:sysparams fails in a Japanese locale
      39445  Drag and drop in Foxit Reader doesn't work anymore
      39536  Multiple games render black/garbled screen when anti-aliasing enabled (Guild Wars, Eve Online, Gear Grinder)
      39635  Hungarian Excel Viewer 2007: "Open" dialog on Win8 does not refresh correctly
      39648  MTA: San Andreas 1.5: failure to process 64-bit FairplayKD.sys driver IRPs due to incorrect alignment/packing of I/O manager structures
      39665  dinput: MotoGP 3 demo fails to accept key presses to control the driver.

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