Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Microsoft Office 2013 and World of Tanks Support to Arrive in Wine and CrossOver

CodeWeavers, the company behind projects like CrossOver and Wine, has announced that it's making great progress with Microsoft Office 2013 and World of Tanks, among other things.

Wine is a powerful tool, but developers need to constantly work on it, as Windows apps and environment are always changing and evolving. Something that runs today in Wine or CrossOver might now work tomorrow. Another difficult task is to make certain apps run in the first place, like Microsoft Office 2013, for instance. If you ever install Microsoft Office 2013 in Windows, you'll notice that it comes with a myriad of DLL and various other important dependencies, so you can always imagine what a difficult task it is to make it work in Linux.

Another point of interest is World of Tanks, which happens to be one of the most played MMO titles right now. The fact that Linux users have a hard time playing it is not a good thing, and CodeWeavers knows this all too well. They are working right now to correct that problem, and they've already made some progress in this regard, especially for the latest World of Tanks 9.9 update, which seems to create some issues.

CodeWeavers is not sitting idle

The developers from CodeWeavers are planning to make some improvements in the upcoming CrossOver and Wine versions, and that includes all the fixes mentioned above.

"With World of Tanks we began by triaging a crash that started with the 9.9 update. We fixed the issue quickly and sent a new build to Wargaming. We followed this with a fix for a severe drop in frame-rates with the 9.9 update. A fix for the frame rate issue and a mouse offset issue is on its way to Wargaming now. For CrossOver 14, we tested fixes with Microsoft Office 2010's behavior on dual screen systems. This includes full-screen maximize/minimize the behavior of primary and secondary screens on Gnome Classic and Gnome Shell with Metacity and Debian 7," wrote Caron Wills from CodeWeavers.

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