Monday, January 2, 2017

Wine Staging 2.0 RC3 Adds AES-GCM Support and Fixes DOOM 2016 Multiplayer Mode

The Wine Staging development team announced the release and immediate availability of the third Release Candidate (RC) build of the upcoming Wine-Staging 2.0 open-source implementation of Windows on Unix.

Coming hot on the heels of Wine 2.0 RC3, which added a handful of improvements to various Windows apps and games, including Unreal Tournament 3, Streamline, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System, Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch 1.2, and WinAuth 3.5.1, Wine-Staging 2.0 Release Candidate 3 is here to add a basic implementation of AES-GCM support in bcrypt, promising to fix the multiplayer mode for the DOOM 2016 video game.

"This release implements the Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) for AES in bcrypt.dll which fixes the multiplayer mode of DOOM (2016). This feature requires a Wine build linked against GnuTLS 3.0 or higher, which should be available on most modern distributions," reads the release announcement. "To verify this, you can check the output of wine --check-libs and search for the line referring to libgnutls. If the ABI version (the part behind .so) is 28 or higher, you are ready to play DOOM online."

The gdiplus.dll component received various improvements, other than that, Wine-Staging 2.0 RC3 promises to add various improvements to the gdiplus.dll component that contains multiple libraries supporting the "GDI Window manager" in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Of course, all the bugs that have been fixed upstream in the third Release Candidate of Wine 2.0 are also present in this new development build of Wine-Staging 2.0, so we recommend checking out the Wine 2.0 RC3 (link above) if you're curious to know what's changed or improved.

Meanwhile, if you want to test drive Wine-Staging 2.0 right now, you can download the Release Candidate 3 build and compile it yourself on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. Please try to keep in mind that this is still a pre-release version, not suitable for use in production machines, which means that it might contain bugs. If you encounter any, don't hesitate to report them on the official Wine bug tracker. The final releases of Wine 2.0 and Wine-Staging 2.0 should be out early next year.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

WineTricks 20161228 has been released

Winetricks is an easy way to work around problems in Wine.

It has a menu of supported games/apps for which it can do all the workarounds automatically. It also allows the installation of missing DLLs and tweaking of various Wine settings.

This version can be downloaded here.


Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Monday, December 26, 2016

PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac version 5 now has DosBox support working

The upcoming version 5 of PlayonLinux and PlayonMac now has DosBox support completed. Progress at last!

 Here is a Video of PlayOnMac version 5

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Q4Wine 1.3.4 has been released for Linux and Mac OSX

Q4Wine is a Qt GUI for Wine. It will help you manage wine prefixes and installed applications. It currently supported on Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X platforms.

Q4Wine was initially written by Alexey S. Malakhov aka John Brezerk. General idea comes from WineTools scripts which were initially written by Frank Hendriksen.

 General features are:

  • Can export Qt color theme into wine colors settings;
  • Can easy work with different wine versions at same time;
  • Easy creating, deleting and managing prefixes (WINEPREFIX);
  • Easy controlling for wine process;
  • Autostart icons support;
  • Easy cd-image use;
  • You can extract icons from PE files (.exe .dll);
  • Easy backup and restore for managed prefixes;
  • Winetriks support;
  • And more: Explore it!;
 Changelog for 1.3.4:

  • Add WINE env var to console environment BUG-91;
  • Icons are not loaded properly with Qt 5.7.x;
  • Console launch environment uses dead setting fields BUG-90;
  • Q4Wine file selectors filters files with upper case extension BUG-94[QTBUG-51712];
  • Refactor winetrkics parser: use direct parser + transactions;
  • Links imported from Windows desktop do not work BUG-103;
  • Import from Windows desktop is not working in some cases BUG-103;
  • Processes tab does not detect some wine processes correctly BUG-100;

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