Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wine 1.8-rc3 Released

The WineHQ Wine development release 1.8-rc3 is now available.

What's new in this release:
  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.8-rc3 (total 40):

   8775  spider solitaire from XP fails to flash card when you ask for hint
   9491  CListCtrl:GetSubItemRect doesn't work for the label row
   9919  Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer 10.0 install fails (GetPrivateProfileString16 must only return valid key names)
  11627  Need for Speed 2 SE 3dfx demo fails to start
  15083  ReadConsoleInputW() returns wrong values for CTRL+SPACE
  15866  MechCommander 2: DSERR_CONTROLUNAVAIL errors
  20480  Soldier of Fortune II Multiplayer Main Menu won't show up (ATI specific)
  22922  Black and White 2 1.2 is slow, gives GL errors
  24388  Exposure 3.0 crashes while creating exposure image
  26317  AVRStudio 4 installer fails, reports 'The application is already installed'
  27165  ffdshow A/V config tool: drop-down list doesn't appear
  29595  Microsoft Software Jukebox needs  HKLM\Software\Classes\Applications\iexplore.exe\shell\open\command key
  29788  Microsoft Word 2007 needs unimplemented function propsys.dll.PSGetPropertyDescriptionListFromString for saving a file when winver set to Vista or later
  32621  Mouse pointer jumps on opening/closing WinUAE settings window
  34086  MS Paint shows some images messed up.
  35330  Typo: "in a separate windows" on the Man Page (at )
  35941  ncurses is installed but not detected by configure.
  36345  TGB Dual 8.3 ( Game Boy/Game Boy COLOR emulator) crashes when loading a ROM
  37308  PCB123 v2.1.0.7000: slow screen redrawing
  37894  EarthQuake3D (Earthquake monitor) fails to update data, reports 'Error: Server Connection Problem'
  38559  GTA4: crash after benchmark has completed
  38633  SiN Gold ( intro videos get frozen
  38851  Wine64 build produces extra warning in secur32 comparing to Wine32 build
  38926  WineHQ should build vanilla Wine binary packages of the biweekly releases for major distros
  38974  Red Faction Guerilla: texture smearing at the side of the screen
  38993  Memory Blocks for Windows 3.x has missing tile animation
  39465  Gif Movie Gear 2.63 about window's gif only animates when mouse is moving (ReleaseDC should force surface flush when main thread is idling)
  39564  Paranormal State: Poison Spring (Steam) crashes on exit with built-in msctf.dll
  39580  AVISave[A,W] is using va_* instead of __ms_va_* definitions for va_list
  39600  Bad sound with Steam Games
  39607  Broken Image in Fitting Window.
  39634  Git v2.6.3 (MSYS2 based): 'rebase.exe' fails on post-install steps (commit page when handling stack fault)
  39670  Eclipse (Europa) does not start
  39673  Logical error in comparison (misprint)
  39683  CreateRestrictedToken() uses wrong enum value for default impersonation level
  39691  TI Derive 6 hangs when clicking on the edit menu item
  39693  SQLBindCol prototype is wrong
  39705  Some programs crash/hang when switching desktop screens
  39706  Gazillionaire (Win16 game using VB3 runtime) refuses to start
  39719  Alex Hunter (hidden object game): custom mouse pointer gets stuck (temporarily) when hitting the top of the screen

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