Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wine 1.8-rc4 has been Released

The WineHQ Wine development release 1.8-rc4 is now available for Linux and Mac users.

What's new in this release:
  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

 Bugs fixed in 1.8-rc4 (total 26):

   8258  Dolphin Smalltalk IDE fails when requesting trial on urlmon.dll.URLOpenBlockingStreamA
  16698  Sandboxie installer needs 'HKLM\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\Eventlog\\System' registry key
  17501  Cockpit Crash hangs
  17814  HLMV from Source SDK crashes while starting
  18964  BioEdit: Minimized windows icons become garbaged
  19041  WinNER5 database client crashes on startup
  23377  Buried in Time demo does not start
  31817  Tencent RTX Client 2010 installer fails to register Shell extension handler 'RTXShlMenu.dll' (missing 'HKCR\\*\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandlers' and 'HKCR\\folder\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers' registry keys)
  31862  "The Network" demo fails to start without native d3dx9
  32383  Configure script can't find 32-bit freetype libraries on 64-bit debian squeeze
  32655  Miro 5.x/6.x installer does not go beyond "initializing..." phase
  33438  Wine builtin 'explorer' crashes in Win98 mode when browsing virtual 'C:' drive
  33917  Voyage: Journey to the Moon demo shows white screen
  34308  Gazillionaire has transparency issues
  36726  DVD Profiler: black squares in the gui
  37899  Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Type tool fails with stack overflow
  38293  Setting PROMPT in a batch file resets on exit of batch file
  38371  Winfiol crashes when changing program preferences
  38480  RuneScape crashes when switching to OpenGL renderer (glCopyTexSubImage3DEXT blacklisted by extension filtering)
  38723  Ad-Aware 11.6.306.7947 wants msi.dll.MsiJoinTransaction
  38778  Blade of Darkness demo hangs with a black screen on start
  39119  Heroes of the Storm 13.0.37117 crashes on exit needing wevtapi.dll.EvtClose
  39535  PowerISO 6.4 (32 bits) crashes on installation (needs fusion.dll.CopyPDBs)
  39710  Hitman 2: Silent Assassin shows wrong colors with environment bump mapping
  39747  Original War: user interface gets corrupted after opening the help screen
  39758  Desktop Holiday Light app crashes

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