Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Unofficial Wineskin Winery-1.8.3

Winery now correctly handles "-" in Engine names.
This fixes downloading the following engines;

  • WS9Wine64Bit4.3-2
  • WS9Wine4.3-2
  • WS9WineStaging64Bit3.13-2
  • WS9WineStaging3.13-2
  • WS9WineStaging64Bit2.10-3
  • WS9WineStaging2.10-3
  • WS9WineStaging64Bit2.4-3
  • WS9WineStaging2.4-3
  • WS9Wine64Bit2.4-3
  • WS9Wine2.4-3

The above now get downloaded correctly, where as before the "-" would be ignored.

Link to source code

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