Saturday, March 23, 2019

Lutris 0.5.1 has been released

Lutris helps you install and play video games from all eras and from most gaming systems. By leveraging and combining existing emulators, engine re-implementations and compatibility layers, it gives you a central interface to launch all your games.

The client can connect with existing services like Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam to make your game libraries easily available. Game downloads and installations are automated and can be modified through user made scripts.

Download this version of Lutris from here.

First release after the initial 0.5 branch creation, this version brings a lot of stability to the GOG integration, the PGA cache and introduces a new feature to submit problems to the lutris team!

When running lutris --submit-issue, you'll be prompted with a message box asking you to describe your problem. This will generate a file you can send to the support team to help troubleshooting your issues.


  • Download the default Lutris Wine version when not available
  • Prevent duplicates when importing games from 3rd party services
  • Fix some sorting issues in the view
  • Add issue reporting feature with the --submit-issue flag. The issue can
    only be saved locally, API integration will be implemented at a later stage.
  • Add support for CD-ROM images for non CD32/CDTV Amiga models
  • Remove website search from sidebar and merge it with the main search entry
  • Display a warning message if the installed Nvidia driver is too old
  • Fix GOG games not being installable without being connected to GOG
  • Improve performance of log handling
  • Remove winecfg if Proton is used
  • Use discrete graphics by default with compatible systems
  • Increase game icon size from 32x32 to 128x128
  • Various fixes

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