Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vineyard now has CrossOver support Wine Staging features and more

Vineyard for Ubuntu and Linux has seen some development during the past few weeks and has received bug-fixes and new features! Some of the more advanced functionality – Vineyard now supports CodeWeavers CrossOver – New support has been added for Wine-Staging !

Here are some of the changes from the last two weeks of development:

New Features:
  • Support for CrossOver.
  • Auto-detection of supported Wine features.
  • Support for a number of Staging features and common patches:
    • CSMT (both dll and patched versions, ie. Wine-Staging, CrossOver and custom Wine versions are all supported)
    • EAX Emulation
  • “Run in a terminal” option when launching Windows executables (with vineyard-launcher).
Fixes and Improvements:
  • Safer detection of installed Wine versions.
  • Support for user installed Wine versions in $HOME/.local/share/wineversions.
  • Better support for launching programs from desktop shortcuts.
  • Updated the Windows version information to match the latest Wine releases.
  • Added support for 64bit Windows XP configuration.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words:

The new prefix creation dialogue

New builds in the PPA

I’ve overhauled the packaging of Vineyard, and we now have builds back up for all LTS (long term support) Ubuntu releases going back to 12.04 (Precise) as well as for 15.10 (Wily) and 16.04 (Xenial). 16.04 deprecated the python-support package in favor of dh-python (in line with Debian), so Vineyard can now be built using both.

The name of the vineyard-testing PPA has also been changed to “PPA for Vineyard” as it really is the current stable PPA; the link is the same, so there’s no need to change your APT configuration.

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