Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How Im Earning My Beer part 3

The final piece is getting Wine Test Daily to run automatically. That means, it should run when I'm not here, whenever Wine has been updated. Sure, I can reach over and start all of the tests on each system here at CodeWeavers every day when I appear at work but the fact that I can have my systems setup to do it for me is more than appreciated. It's one of the best features of wt-daily, it checks to see if it needs to run. It stores the last git commit number in a file and whenever it's called, it compares the current git commit with the last one it used. If they are different, wt-daily runs a new set of tests.

WineHQ gets commits a little after I arrive at work. I'm happy to manually start the tests but often times losing my Macs for an hour to automatic tests is bad. I've setup the tests to take place after I leave for the day and am pleased to report that those tests have run overnight successfully several times. This part will be more technical on the Mac OS and only have a little work to do with wt-daily.

Let's finish setting up wt-daily first.

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