Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wine on Solaris

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Anonymous said...

Doug Scott writes additional CBE package build instructions for OpenSolaris (I think CBE is targeted mainly for OpenSolaris and will not work for Solaris 10 without tweaks?):


Step 1: [OPTIONAL] Add new user to do builds
- User requires "Software Installation" profile for CBE

root@db1> useradd -g sysadmin -d /export/home/cbe -m -s /usr/bin/bash -c "CBE build user" -P "Software Installation" cbe

Create a suitable /export/home/cbe/.bash_profile

root@db1> su - cbe

Step 2: Download and extract CBE

cbe@db1> wget -O - | tar fx -

Step 3: Remove SUNWsmbaS from JDS_DEPENDENCIES in jds-cbe-1.6.0/cbe-install
- Required for later SXCE builds as SUNWsmbaS is not installed

cbe@db1> chmod u+w jds-cbe-1.6.0/cbe-install
cbe@db1> printf "%%s/SUNWsmbaS//\nwq\n" | ex - jds-cbe-1.6.0/cbe-install

Step 4: Build and install CBE
- If you are not building JDS you can say no to installing dependencies
- This may take some time
cbe@db1> cd jds-cbe-1.6.0
cbe@db1> ./cbe-install

Step 5: Add to your .bash_profile
cbe@db1> cd ..
cbe@db1> printf ". /opt/jdsbld/bin/\n" >> .bash_profile
cbe@db1> . /opt/jdsbld/bin/

Step 6: Check out spec-files-extra
cbe@db1> svn co spec-files-extra

Step 7: Build
cbe@db1> cd spec-files-extra
cbe@db1> pkgtool build --download SFEfontforge.spec SFEfreetype.spec SFEwine.spec

Here are instructions how to download and build programs for Solaris Express:

Here are list of programs to download:

For instance, Eclipse, Wine, vlc-player, etc

D14bL0 said...

Cool! Thanks for uploading this information.

How does Neverwinter Nights (in the screenshot) run? How well do other games run? What about hardware? I only have a P4 2.8GHz, 1.5GB DDR?

Anonymous said...

Thank for the guide!

Unfortunately wine is really really ... really slow on my box running solaris Nevada b87 (the same box running wine+OpenSuse 10.3 was performing fine). It takes something like 10 minutes to start windows notepad!

What can it be?

Unknown said...

Good knews. The above how to enabled me to play WoW on Solaris ;) Thanks trochej. Just follow the instructions guys.

Anonymous said...

Very useful article, especially for users that do not have experience in compiling software :) Why, when you have a final result (compiled package), you do not share it with these users ? (Open Source?) Why every user must understand compiling and packaging software under solaris ?? I try to search the internet for "wine" for solaris, but i can find only blastwave outdated packages. If you share this compiled packages i'll buy you a beer, and in my eyes you always be my hero ;)