Sunday, March 30, 2008

Darwine 0.9.58 and some interesting stats

From Random tidbits of Information

These builds are and will always be Intel only. Wine, and by extension, these builds of Darwine do not emulate anything. It is an API layer. For it to run on PPC, it would need to emulate some x86 stuff. This is what Darwine originally attempted to do in combination with QEMU, however it is no longer necessary with the switch to Intel.
There is nothing that I can do about OpenGL not working. You can grab updated X11 packages here. There is a patch concerning libGL that has been entered into the git tree. According to the X11/XQuartz mailing lists, it will be released sometime around April 1st. This patch should hopefully fix the problem.

Leopard, Darwine 0.9.58, Freetype 2.3.5, FontForge py25-20080302, Symlinks fonts, Darwine SDK. Tiger should be out sometime on sunday or monday (hopefully).

I’ve been building Darwine for a couple months now - since June 2007 or so! Since then, I’ve been running a stats program and figured I’d share some interesting results; Download totals, Bandwidth used, etc. I put it all in a nice Numbers spreadsheet and here’s what came out: (There were more stats - browser popularity, OS popularity, etc - but I messed the script that goes through the stat logs up and the data got mangled and isn’t really accurate. I fixed it for a few of the more interesting things though.)

*Note, all data amounts are given in Gigabytes, not Gigabits.
**Bandwidth Used / Day is the average of all the months, not the total added up.
Some things to note are that although the overall download total decreased in February, the amount of bandwidth used is greater then in January. Also, the # of distinct or individual hosts that downloaded Darwine is greater in February then in January despite the two day difference.
Link: Random tidbits of Information

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