Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DirectX 10 for XP in Wine

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Anonymous said...

Well, does it any good? For example is it possible to play dx10 games with wine using this patch? Or is it again one of those things "Yeah, it installs, but usability is zero".

twickline said...

"Im about 110% sure it wont due anything to help a DirectX 10 game run"

But who knows once Wine has a builtin d3d10.dll theirs a possibility we could use the d3dx10.dll to d3dx10_37.dll's as native. The d3dx9_*.dll's can be used as native at this time.

So as of now, NO.. but who knows this might be of use in the future.

Anonymous said...

I thought Microsoft was for interoperability? Where is Microsoft's Linux version of DirectX? Where is the free Linux software repository on Google has one, where is Microsoft's? Why do we have to do all of this work to get Windows programs to work when Microsoft is making patent deals with Linux companies? Why do we tolerate their bullshit? Why aren't we suing them as Linux users?

Bastiaan said...

Dude, I know it won't help games in wine but still it's cool, did you post it to digg already?

twickline said...

Yea, but I put in under Windows by accident. :(

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