Monday, March 24, 2008

NVIDIA Demos with WINE

About NVIDIA Demos

In order to showcase the prowess of GeForce chipsets, Nvidia creates technology demos that render in real-time on the chipsets in question (while videos are usually also made available).
There are many ways to prove our graphics cards with games, the famous 3dmark or benchmarks. Depending on the model of our graphics card (Nvidia or Ati), we can prove to various demos that demonstrate the full power of our gpus. This demos are modes of presentation for future models. A few days I wanted to test all the technology demos for my gpu, on this website are available all the demos:

As my gpu is not in the serie 8xxx I tested with all the demos from "Box of Smoke", I tested the demos most important that have not seen in Wine AppDB

Wine configuration

This is with a clean configuration directory and running in a 1024x768 virtual desktop (with demo Mad Mod Mike 1280x1024 virtual desktop).

Windows version emulated: XP
Wine version tested: 0.9.58

The installation of all these demos is not very complicated, I recommend execute by terminal.
Demos can be found in / .wine / drive_c / Program Files / NVIDIA Corporation / NVIDIA Demos / "name of the demo".

Gallery of photos
I made a few pictures of demos that work, you can click on the pictures to see them in real size:

The quality and performance of Luna and Mad Mod Mike require pixelshaders 3.0, Transluce and Depth of Field, the fluidity that show is amazing, these demos were not working a month ago . Seeing these advances in applications 3d, I am not surprised that version 1.0 of wine will be launched in June.

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