Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS3 running in Wine

It looks as if Wine might be supporting Adobe's Flash CS3 as well as Photoshop CS3 on Linux in the near future. With the recent help from Google to get Photoshop CS and CS2 working properly in Wine a huge chunk of the underlying architecture work was put in place for CS3 application support. There are still a number of bugs that need to be triangled and fixed before CS3 is properly supported but this is great news none the less.

Photoshop CS3 in Wine

Louis Lenders posted on bug 8945 that he has got Photoshop CS3 running in Wine, here is his post.
Photoshop CS3 in current git

Right, got Photoshop CS3 running now in current git. Looks like interface suffers from quite some bugs though, see screenshot.

So when Wine 0.9.58 is released if your not a current git user you can try CS3 and keep track of its progress.

Flash CS3 in Wine

Here's Louis' recipe for installing Flash CS3:

1. copy mshtml, shdocvw, urlmon, shlwapi, mlang and jscript.dll from my XP
partition to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32
2. Do 'regsvr32 jscript.dll'
3. Do winetricks msxml3
4. Set mshtml, shdocvw, urlmon, shlwapi, mlang to native in winecfg
All this is only needed to make the installer happy and finish fine. The actual
Flash.exe doesn't need any native dlls set here, only you need gdiplus.
5. Do winetricks gdiplus

Now start Flash.exe, and it comes up fine here (Note: "fine" is maybe not a good word, the toolbars are quite messed up, if i use native comctl32 it all looks better)

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac


Unknown said...

I've never really understood why Macromedia/Adobe avoided releasing a full linux version (despite their usual response of not enough market demand for it). So this is very good news indeed. Especially with Vista being the only purchasable option of an OS supported in the near future for building your own system.

Jerry Gagliano said...

Ya well Adobe did say that the linux market is not big enough. But if they don't built it it won't happen. A lot of people don't use linux becuase of the lack of software. yes there is gimp, blender, inkspace but alot of people don't these programs or are too comfortable with the commercial software.

Once Adobe develops for linux then the market will change and wouldn't be surprised if games will also be developed for linux.

Unknown said...

Indeed this is all a question of monopoly. It is not that there is not a market demand for linux software. It is the endless endeavor to kill that market share. Adobe releases versions for mac which is proprietary software working on open source structure but won't release it for bsd/linux which is the same thing. It is at least immoral to use gnu to code ipod touch software, take khtml rendering engine and so on and then not release a linux version of the ipod software thus forcing my hand to purchase a fauna infested os. I say companies of taking advantage of open source and not giving anything in return. Instead they use the "scratch my back, i'll scratch yours" policy. Redhat officials advise ppl that redhat as a desktop sucks. Where was I when they taught this lesson in advertising classes? Working around big time directors in big companies(telecom and mainframe manufacturers) i saw the way decisions are made by pencil pushers. "We use windows because it has open value" What is open value anyway? Some sort of house lyric that i don't understand? Do they all expect us to dance to news bulletin music? Where is that value and how does it manifest itself? Is there a product like Microsoft Pills in manager's drink? In fact i did not see one original idea of software coming from Redmond. They just "borrow" using the nifty find and replace tool and then settle under the Bush administration(see ms virtual machine, .net and so on. we are putting a price tag on the first original microsoft product). In Romania they have gone as far as saying that ie7 is the first tabbed browser in the world. Everybody was there for the free food and cds so no one really argued. EU is taking the right course of action though as they have nothing to gain from this and fined master Gates with 10 bil usd for just such monopoly strategies. This is what happens when a criminal (look it up) takes over.