Thursday, July 31, 2014

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CodeWeavers releases CrossOver 13.2.0 for Linux and Mac

CodeWeavers recently released CrossOver 13.2.0 for Linux and Mac. Gaming performance continues to advance with this release. The full changelog is provided below.

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13.2.0 CrossOver - July 10, 2014
  • General Bug Fixes:
    • Fixes for stability of games running with Performance Enhanced Graphics.
    • Adobe Acrobat 10 and 11 will now install.
    • Users with certain non-Latin characters in their usernames can now successfully register CrossOver.
  • Linux:
    • CrossOver now depends on several additional packages, which in turn allows more Windows applications to run without further user intervention.
    • Certain Linux kernel versions (3.14 at least) broke support for running 16-bit code. CrossOver cannot overcome this limitation on its own. CrossOver now detects the situation and informs the user about it, and will also succeed in creating a win98 bottle on such a kernel.
Run Microsoft Windows Applications and Games on Mac, Linux or ChromeOS save up to 20% off  CodeWeavers CrossOver+ today.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

WineBottler 1.7.16 has been released

Bumping Wine to 1.7.16. Loads of regsrv32 errors fixed, Yay.

See the full Wine changelog at

WineBottler VLC TearsOfSteel

As usual: head over to and grab your copy.

Wine 1.7.18 Released

The Wine development release 1.7.18 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • Improved OLE Accessible Object support.
  • Window sizing improvements in the Mac driver.
  • Fixes for various memory issues found by Valgrind.
  • A few more MSHTML functions.
  • Some DirectDraw cleanups.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

 Bugs fixed in 1.7.18 (total 80):

   5944  IBM Lotus Notes 7.x/8.x: 'File > Preferences > User Preferences...' results in crash
   9667  Grim Fandango hangs if X in 24bpp mode
  13581  mouse corruption in lionheart
  14060  Magic: The Gathering Online 3.x fails to connect/login to server
  15784  Grim Fandango: altered colors
  16966  Powerslide segfaults
  17105  Magic: The Gathering Online 3.0 fails to log in with L0014
  18119  SmartDraw 2009/2010/CI aborts after displaying trial window
  18433  Rosetta Stone Online Spanish (version 0.87594D 221) hangs at "5" during startup
  18614  Problem with starting of wine or winecfg
  19151  Spotify crashes in the mittle of a song and give me a pop-up fault message
  19896  GPS Utility 5.02 fails to connect to GPS device (USB serial)
  20336  GetDriveTypeW exposes partially uninitialized out parameter iosb in NtDeviceIoControlFile ?
  20853  Write buffer overflow in msi/tests/automation.c?
  22515  Gothic 2 1.3 Infogrames Edition installer crashes
  22781  ExpressPCB crashes when you try to upload a board
  23857  Half-Life (Steam) doesn't run
  23995  Football Manager 2010 fails to start
  24064  Many steam games crash because of GameOverlayRenderer.dll
  25241  Steam: Source based games will not start
  26043  advapi32/security tests shows some leaks in valgrind
  26066  use after free in X11DRV_GetKeyboardLayout?
  26639  Steam: crashes randomly while downloading L4D2
  26895  Microsoft 3D Movie Maker: rendering is red mesh/black text on black background
  27102  VoipBuster 4.x crashes on startup
  27413  Segmentation fault in Kudos 2 Demo
  27441  El Matador crashes when starting a level(ASSERTION failed)
  28398  Might & Magic VI Heroes - fails to start game, crashes right after menu
  28621  Magic: The Gathering Online 3.x updater tool 'Kicker.exe' hangs
  28628  advapi32/security.ok: GetTokenInformation(Token, TokenGroups,...) returns partial garbage leading to uninitialized memory accesses?
  28695  Uninitialized variables in create_rebar
  28697  ieframe/tests/ie.ok: Use-after-free (after ImageList_ReplaceIcon)
  28708  gdiplus/tests/image.ok: test_fromhicon triggers reference of uninitialized variable from SetDIBits
  28712  winhttp/notification.ok: invalid read in check_notification
  28761  ddraw/tests: invalid writes in ddraw_surface7_Release and friends
  28767  shell32: uninitialized memory used during TRASH_EnumItems, triggered by "make recyclebin.ok"
  28797  comctl32/tests/listview.ok triggers uninitialized memory read of local variable in NC_DrawCaption()
  28815  kernel32/tests/fiber.ok shows longjmp-related uninitialised memory references
  28921  Battlefield 3 crashes on installation
  28943  Notepad2 v4.2.25 installation fails
  29882  Authorware Web Player 2004 Plugin - mouseClicks and keystroke are not recognized
  30352  builtin iexplore + selenium hangs on startup
  30518  Multiple 64-bit applications need KERNEL32.dll.RtlInstallFunctionTableCallback (Mono, Metatrader 5 Agent)
  30616  7.62 High Calibre configuration tool unusable (can't make changes)
  31918  Saints Row the Third (Steam) crashes on startup (needs support for PrimitiveMiscCaps 'D3DPMISCCAPS_PERSTAGECONSTANT')
  32108  Borderlands 2 (Steam) fails to start
  32138  Dishonored crashes on startup
  32348  Crysis 2 fails to launch
  33146  Path of Exile "Allocating Space" very slow, due to NtFlushVirtualMemory being synchronous
  33347  WISO (Steuer) Sparbuch 2012/2013 fails during online activation (needs HTMLElementCollection_get__newEnum)
  33606  Spin Tires: black menu with missing text (per-stage constants handling needed)
  33745  SimCity Societies launcher (.NET app) crashes on startup (incorrect canonicalization of URL containing trade mark sign character U+2122)
  33958  wine programs crash with joystick connected (OS X)
  34581  Shadow Era client v20120 (Mono game) reports 'Fatal error in gc - GetThreadContext failed' during update/patching
  34698  QQGame 2011 can't load (broken app uses LocalAlloc handle as direct buffer without prior locking)
  34823  Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5 'pdshell16.exe' (.NET 4.x app) fails on startup
  35321  Wolverine: game crash after Unreal technology logo
  35788  Planetside 2 crashes on launch (uninitialized/implausible MONITORINFOA.cbSize passed to GetMonitorInfoA, causing stack buffer overwrite)
  35835  Symantec Norton 360 installer crashes on unimplemented function advapi32.dll.GetTraceLoggerHandle
  36015  FIFA 2002 demo crashes because gethostbyaddr with magic loopback address return NULL
  36024  Adobe Reader 8.1.1 fails to install
  36026  Hawking control center driver install tool crashes during uninstallation (needs shlwapi.SHRegCreateUSKeyA implementation)
  36036  Does not run WorldOfTanks 0.9 in 1.7.17
  36043  Battlefield 1942: Crashes after map loading
  36046  Absolute Blue demo launcher refuses to run
  36050  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.x crashes on unimplemented function msvcr100.dll._wcsupr_l
  36068  Symantec Norton 360 installer needs advapi32.dll GetTraceEnableLevel and GetTraceEnableFlags stubs
  36069  invalid free in oleaut32/tests/vartype test
  36070  Football Manager 2010 demo WMI query 'SELECT Manufacturer,CurrentClockSpeed FROM Win32_Processor' results in endless looping
  36078  .NET 3.0 installer encounters an error and rolls back the installation
  36080  Fifa 11 demo crashes on startup
  36099  Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris fails to start
  36106  Installshield Wizard:  scrollbar appears where it shouldn't be
  36114  msi/action definite leak in is_process_limited
  36132  valgrind shows some leaks in gdiplus/tests/graphics.c
  36149  valgrind shows some an unintialized variable in jscript/tests/run.c
  36161  valgrind shows a leak in wmiutils/tests/path.c
  36177  Saints Row the Third (Steam) crashes on startup (expects 'PixelShader1xMaxValue' >= 32)
  36207  Steel Beasts v1.19 demo installer crashes on exit
  36210  Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5 'pdshell16.exe' (.NET 4.x WPF app) wants oleacc.CreateStdAccessibleObject

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