Monday, March 30, 2020

V1.8.4: Wineskin-Winery-1.8.4 .2

Wineskin.Winery.txz was updated and is required for Wineskin- due to internal changes that were required for Rosetta2 compatibility.

DXVK Support!!!!;

  • Only tested on a mid 2014 13in Macbook Pro and base mode M1 Mac Mini
  • 64Bit Engine (WS10 or later Engines will suffice)
  • macOS 10.13 or greater (might work below but I haven't tested)
  • winetricks menu only shows compatible DXVK verbs

Apple Silicon Support;

This will now function under Rosetta2 use WineCX19 or greater, direct draw & Direct3D won't function so things like cnc-ddraw & DxWnd can be used to workaround this limitation.

Please Note;

The previous master wrapper Wineskin- won't be able to update to this master wrapper version as the structure has changed, while it's technically possible to update a current wrapper to the rc2 I won't provide any support for this so please create the wrapper over and manually move over the wineprefix files currently located with the wrappers /Contents/Resources directory into the newly created wrapper.
The Wineprefix location will also be moved in for rc3

Link to source code

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