Thursday, February 12, 2009

PlayOnMac beta1 released for testing

Hello everyone,

Here is a news that will make Mac users happy. Today, PlayOnLinux releases the first beta of PlayOnMac, a version of PlayOnLinux specifically designed for Mac OS.

This version works perfectly on Leopard.
It should also work on Tiger, as long as you've installed python, wxpython and X11.
You must have a recent mac with an Intel CPU.

Darwine 1.1.5 (Wine compiled for Mac OS X) is included in the package.

At the moment, we have two scripts (to do tests):
- Notepad++
- Crayon Physics.

Obviously, this list should grow in the future.
The repositories are the same as PlayOnLinux's ones. You just have to tick the box saying "this script is PlayOnMac compatible" to integrate a script to PlayOnMac when submitting it.

Here are some screenshots:

Download PlayOnMac at the following url:

A dedicated forum will be created, feel free to post messages in there to report bugs, tell us your suggestions or ask various questions.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

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Great news ;)