Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MSN Messenger 7.5 on Linux with Wine

About MSN Messenger 7.5

MSN Messenger allows you to chat online, in real time, with family, friends and colleagues. It's faster than e-mail, more discreet than a phone call, and best of all it's free! MSN Messenger is more than just text, it's a great way to collaborate with co-workers or touch base with family and friends.

You can even send an instant message to a contact's mobile phone. Customization features help you personalize your chats and make your connections even more meaningful.

Wine configuration

This is with a clean configuration directory, with no other applications or games installed.

Linux Distribution: Ubuntu 8.04
Windows version emulated: 2000
Wine version tested: 1.1.14


Now download winetricks if you don't already have it and install the following Windows redistributables.


MSN Messenger install in Wine

Download MSN Messenger version 7.5.0324 from filehippo and save it to your home directory.

Now open a terminal and run $ wine Instal_MSN_Messenger.exe

The Messenger install should now start, I didn't select any of the extra addon software that comes bundled with it.

To run Messenger just click on Applications > Wine > Programs > MSN Messenger 7.5

Screen Shots

Here's a few Screen Shots of MSN Messenger 7.5 running on my Ubuntu 8.04 laptop.


The larger thumbnails for the user and contacts do not show bug 8555, other then this annoyance chat works near perfectly.

Also, I didn't test cam support or online games ect, only chat was tested...

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Anonymous said...

my 7.5 worked fine for a while. Then I was adjusting my sound settings and it crashed. Now everytime I log in I crash in the first 2 seconds. I have adjusted the sound settings all different ways and it does not work.