Friday, February 6, 2009

CodeWeavers Valentine's day Sale

Valentine’s Day was created in ancient Roman times in honor of St. Valentine, a priest who sacrificed his life for the gift of love. Today, this amorous holiday is still celebrated throughout the world by star-crossed lovers and romantics alike.

CodeWeavers is having a Pre-Valentine's Day Sale to give their customers plenty of time in order to have the perfect gift. Nothing says "I Love You" like no more need for Microsoft Windows!

CodeWeavers is offering up to 20% off CrossOver Mac Standard, CrossOver Linux Standard, and CrossOver Games. This store-wide sale is good for the entire inventory of CodeWeavers CrossOver product line. This sale expires on February 14th, 2009. If you're looking to purchase CrossOver this is a unique opportunity to save BIG.

To take advantage of this offer head over to their store and check out all the savings.

About CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers' mission is to transform Mac OS X and Linux into Windows®-compatible operating systems. By doing so, they provide a bridge to help users migrate from the Windows software world to these other environments. They do this primarily by making it possible to use Windows software on Mac OS X and Linux.

CodeWeavers is the leading corporate backer of the Wine Project. Wine is an open source software initiative that is systematically re-implementing the Win32 API under Unix. Wine makes it possible for PCs running Unix-based operating systems (like OS X and Linux) to run Windows application as if natively. They offer a range of Wine-based products offering cross-platform capabilities for both corporate environments as well as individual users.

They also use their expertise in Wine to provide professional services to their customers. They use Wine to port their applications directly to Linux or Mac OS X, or to create custom versions of Linux that support mission critical applications.

The world of Windows Applications is very large and diverse, and tracking the status of any given application with regards to Wine is a challenging task. To meet this challenge, they maintain the CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center, which provides a focal point for application information and tools to help ensure that all applications progress towards full compatibility.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

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Anonymous said...

I followed the steps but ie8 hangs on "checking your computer for malicious software"
I use ubunt 8.10
any suggestions will help