Monday, November 13, 2017

​How to run Windows apps on your Chromebook

Have you ever heard someone with a new Chromebook complaining because they couldn't run their favorite Windows application on it? I have. Now, there's a solution for them (or, for you, so you can run that one Windows application you can't live without). For years, CodeWeaver's CrossOver enabled you to run many popular Windows applications on Linux and macOS. Now, CodeWeavers is bringing those same Windows apps to your Chromebook.

Better still, the beta CrossOver on Chrome OS promises to be easier to use than ever before. Previously, you had to jump through hoops to get Windows apps running on a foreign platform. With CrossOver for ChromeOS, you type in the Windows app's name, pick it from a list when it shows up, make sure you have the installation media, and hit install. Nothing could be easier.

CrossOver won't run all Windows programs, but it runs many of them. For example, its supported Windows applications include Microsoft Office and Quicken. CrossOver also runs games. These include such popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) games as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

CrossOver on Chrome OS is still a beta. While I could run some of my favorite simple programs on it, like NotePad++, a source-code editor on it, I couldn't run others. For instance, while I could install Microsoft Office 2016 on my 2015 Chromebook Pixel, Office wouldn't run on it.

Games that lock the mouse, such as first-person shooters, won't work either. That's because the required application programming interface (API) isn't in Chrome OS' current version of Android. It's expected to be added shortly. Video-heavy programs that require OpenGL also aren't supported. This is because Android only supports OpenGL ES, which is an OpenSL subset.

So, I can't recommend switching to a Chromebook to run Windows applications yet. But, the beta download is free, and it's certainly worth trying. Well, it's worth giving a shot if you have a Chromebook that supports Android. You see, CrossOver on Chrome OS is really Chromebook on Android. That means you need a newer Chromebook.

Jeremey White, CodeWeavers' founder, explained the Android connection happened because: "We've been experimenting with Android support for the past four years ... There have been a lot of challenges - and a lot of challenges remain. For example, we poured a lot of energy into making Windows applications work on a variety of Android form factors, including phones and tablets. But the brutal truth is that if I give you, say, Microsoft Word, on your phone, you'll fairly quickly figure out that you don't really want the Windows version of Word on your phone. Your fingers can't operate the menus." But, then, he said, "With the announcement of support of Android in Chrome OS, suddenly things made a lot more sense. A Chromebook has a big enough screen. And a keyboard and a mouse. And often, an Intel processor. What's more, it's really handy to have Quicken or Wizard 101 or your favorite Windows application right there."

It doesn't have to be a powerful Chromebook to run Windows apps on a Chromebook, although it must have an Intel processor. That's because CrossOver uses Wine, a lightweight program that's been used for decades now to run Windows programs on macOS, Linux, and Unix. It does this by creating a Windows API compatibility layer. This enables you to install and run 32-bit Windows software without actually running Windows.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Putty for Mac 8.7.0 has been released with macOS High Sierra support

Wine Reviews released Putty for Mac 8.7.0 for MacOS today. Putty 8.7.0 is yet another major release,  we now have full support for macOS High Sierra. Please see the full change-log below for all the exciting changes in this release.

Putty is one of the Best Terminal Emulators available today. It Supports different types of Network Protocols such as SSH, FTP, SCP, Telnet etc. In Windows it is used as SSH Client to connect to Your Linux server or for some other purpose But what will you do if you are on Mac? You might be thinking , Is there any Software like Putty for Mac Available? The answer is Yes! With the help of some other Software’s we can Use putty on MacOS although Putty is used widely on Windows Platform. Official Versions of Putty are available on Unix like Platforms, and now it’s widely available for Mac systems running OSX 10.9.5 or higher.

SSH is available by default in Mac and Linux or Unix. Although you can use terminal for SSH connections still there are some benefits in using Putty such as Other clients don’t keep connections alive whereas Putty does. Also it is cool to use Putty as your SSH client if you are doing some Amazon AWS, VMware ESXi or CISCO Stuffs, transferring files, managing files on a server or whatever.

The cost of Putty 8.7.0 is only $15.00. Anyone who has purchased Putty in the past three months is entitled to a free upgrade. Putty comes with three months of upgrades and of course a 14-day money back guarantee.

Supported Protocols:

  • Telnet
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • SSH
  • SCP
About Wine Reviews:

There is a multitude of software developed only for the Windows operating system and even when software vendors port their applications to another platform, generally it lacks features that the Windows version contains. The only solution these developers face is to have access to both systems for testing which leads to increased infrastructure demands, and wasted project resources. Our goal is to have native ports of essential Windows tools and applications made available for MacOS users.

Version 8.7.0 New Features:
  • Compiled PuTTY against the latest stable GTK version 3.22.20
  • Compiled PuTTY on macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra
  • Moved back to the more stable pkg installer
  • Updated the Documentation
  • Minor bug fixes
We now use FastSpring as our preferred storefront, you can pay with Credit / Debit Cards, PayPal, Amazon payments, Wire Transfer etc. etc. This store is very secure, simple and fast.

Screen Shots :

Purchase Putty 8.7.0 now and have Telnet SSH FTP SCP on your Mac made easy!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

CodeWeavers releases a open beta of CrossOver for Chrome OS

 From Jeremy White's blog

Today is a very exciting day - we have released an open Beta of CrossOver on Chrome OS, which runs on the Android subsystem of Chrome OS and makes it possible to easily and cleanly run Windows applications on an Intel based Chromebook.

This is a particularly satisfying for me, personally.  That is, I have always loved technology best when there is are a lot of vibrant options in the market.  With the launch of CrossOver, we believe that Chrome OS becomes an even more compelling choice.

And I love this version of CrossOver; I think it's our cleanest and most elegant version yet.  It's inspired by the simplicity and elegance of Android and Chrome OS; I think it's by far the best CrossOver we've ever made.

It's been a long journey - we've been experimenting with Android support for the past four years, and it's been ten years since we added a new major operating system (we launched CrossOver Mac in January of 2007)...

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The WineHQ Wine development release 2.20 is now available for Linux and Mac

The WineHQ Wine development release 2.20 is now available for Linux and Mac

What's new in this release:
  • Improved event support in MSHTML.
  • Preloader support on ARM64.
  • Interpolation modes in Direct3D.
  • Improved metafile support in GdiPlus.
  • Initial version of Kerberos5 Authentication Package.
  • OLE clipboard cache improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 2.20 (total 15):

  40873  Multiple games (Witcher 3, Firewatch, The Solus Project, Banished) require dcl_input_ps support
  41960  Totally Accurate Battle Simulator alpha crashes
  43236  F.E.A.R, Condemned: Criminal Origins have no in-game audio
  43457  The First Templar - Steam Special Edition crashes in the main menu
  43512  Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - the player character is severely distorted
  43572  Ham Radio Deluxe 6.4 crashes on unimplemented function ntdll.dll.RtlIpv4StringToAddressW
  43770  Fidibo installer crashes very early in win7 mode
  43810  Playkey needs api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0.dll.__stdio_common_vsprintf_p
  43883  Endless Legend - Broken in 2.18, worked in 2.17
  43886  Xenia emulator needs api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-1.dll
  43912  wine-2.0.3/programs/wineboot/wineboot.c:684]: (style) Suspicious condition
  43913  Process Hacker 3.x needs ntdll.dll.RtlDosPathNameToNtPathName_U_WithStatus
  43914  64-bit RPCS3 emulator doesn't start, loader reports 'Invalid address' (non-relocatable PE wants to use lowest possible image base on NT: 0x10000 / 64 KB)
  43920  Access violations during start-up of the Tina 11.0 and Circuitmaker2000 software
  43927  Wine crashes when running anything (when compiled with gcc4.2, clang works)

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