Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PlayOnLinux 4.0.14 has been released

Hi everybody

Sorry for being late, I don't have a lot of free time at the moment. Here's PlayOnLinux 4.0.14 changelog.

Language files updated

Thank you to everybody for helping us to translate PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac
If you want to help us to translate the program, you can go to launchpad.

New features

- Wine version windows remade. It's a lot more adapted to small screens
- Ability to choose icon size in main windows
- Size and windows position is saved when PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac is closed
- wine 0.9.x support (wineprefixcreate)
- New plugin : PlayOnLinux Vault.
- Added POL_Wine_X11Drv (Bug 543)

Bugs fixed

- Slow connexion on IPV6 machines ("PlayOnLinux's website isn't available"), increased timeout.
- Register link on login window goes to the good website (Linux or Mac)
- Default size of main window is changed, so that we can see the whole toolbar.
- Bug fixed in python detection
- Bug fixed into POL_Wine_wineboot
- Bug fixed into POL_Wine_OverrideDLL
- Bug fixed into POL_LoadVar_ProgramFiles
- Bug #429 fixed : Unable to use PlayOnLinux Offline
- Messenger is fixed
- Bug report is fixed
- Code is cleaned

- Click here to download PlayOnLinux 4.0.14
- Click here to download PlayOnLinux 4.0.14

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wine 1.4-rc4 Released

The Wine development release 1.4-rc4 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.4-rc4:

9728 Image and icons corrupts in ShutterFly 2.2
10872 World In Conflict silently exits on start
13017 Photoshop CS2, info window - missing info.
13359 Adobe Reader 8 plugin crashes on EULA in Firefox 3 [dogfood]
13832 Circuitmaker schematic does not print to a printer
14376 Duelpro's "Yu-gi-oh News" window unresponsive
14648 SigmaPlot (9,10 and 11) y-axis title rotated and shifted
15574 PhotoShop CS2: Photoshop Save As.. dialog ignores filename input on jpegs and names them ".jpg" (Workaround exists)
15848 PokerTracker hangs on start up
17345 So Blonde: Crashes when pick up some items
17885 Focus frame too big in fable
18436 Crash in winevdm for some 16-bit programs
19691 Visual C++ 2005 Express: can't uninstall or reinstall
19885 America's Army 3.0 fails to start
20110 Visual C++ 2005 Express SP1 install fails
21013 Table of contents is unusable in Wine's CHM viewer application
21217 Menu item for "Visual C++ 2005 Express Command Prompt" busted
21326 "Sticky" right click in MS Paint
21719 Cannot install Adobe Photoshop CS2 due to msi_cabextract failure
22996 Altium Designer print preview displays inverted text in schematic views
24204 wine notepad crashes: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error)
24583 Visual Studio 2008 (VC9) installer crashes
24751 Santa Clause in Trouble does not start
26697 F-22 Raptor freezes when loading a mission
27246 Control panel items description truncated
27355 SumatraPDF 1.6: tooltips leave black rectangles when disappearing
27381 Fallout New Vegas hangs by save - backtrace
27402 Clifford's Thinking Adventures: mouse pointer goes wacky or disappears entirely
27750 No dynamic shadows with pixel shaders enabled in Tomb Raider: Anniversary
28388 winmm/midi.ok deadlocks and crashes occasionally?
28413 Sound play in games and programs causes brief "pauses"
28638 Magic the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012: Sound only works in Emulated mode
28706 Test Drive Unlimited: No ingame sound
28914 Crimzon Clover 1.01 shows only black screen
29035 winmm player deadlocks after failing to launch a concurrent one
29382 Internet Explorer 8's developer tools window hangs after changing document mode
29488 BurnPlot sporadically fails to start with an X error (invalid Window parameter)
29584 World of Warcraft 64bit client hangs at world load
29667 Dragon Age: Origins DVD authenticity checks fail (DVD_LAYER_DESCRIPTOR big endian values need to be converted host endianness before being returned to caller)
29686 ElsterFormular's setup wants at least MSI installer version 3.1 on x86_64
29704 Team Fortress 2 - total black screen when displaying Jarate effect
29722 win3.x app fail to display the printer settings dialog
29800 Gangsters 2 Demo (German): No aperture effect in the main menu
29828 Trackbar control doesn't show tick marks when TBS_AUTOTICKS is used
29839 ALSA driver cannot enumerate software (slave) devices from .asoundrc
29855 Bomb Squad 2 display wrong
29879 Wine's help viewer crashes on a particular CHM file
29886 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005: "attach to process" crashes IDE (marshalling/unmarshalling of GUID struct -> VT_CARRAY type)
29887 FarCry 1.4 crashed while use mouse wheel
29898 IE6's back/forward buttons show the history dropdown menu - real dropdown arrows missing

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Putty for Mac

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux with Wine

I installed MS Office Professional 2010 on my Ubuntu computers and it's working fluently.
It is a nerve breaking experience for a Linux new bee to work with open-office for documentation works than their favourite MS Office. New interface and new formats of open office makes them reluctant to take it as a first choice. So this post is for those who are tired of rebooting your system to make small changes in the documentations.
Now you don’t want to reboot your system to get windows™ and MS Office™ to work on your documents. You can do it from any linux distribution with wine.

To help further Wine development please consider purchasing a copy of CrossOver from CodeWeavers.

1. Install Wine 1.3.35 beta through PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.3
2. Now start a new wine prefix or rename the hidden folder .wine in your Home directory (if you had Wine installed before).

From winetricks,

Choose "Select the default wineprefix" then "Install a windows DLL or component" and from there install the dotnet20 and msxml6, following the instructions.
Again from "Select the default wineprefix" choose "install a font" and select the corefonts.

From winetricks and "Select the default wineprefix" choose run "winecfg". From there go to tab "Libraries" and click on *msxml6 then "Edit" and choose "Native (windows)".

3. Run the MS Office 2010 Professional x86 installer you have.
I used an .exe file. On Wine website they used an .iso mounted (MS Office Pro Plus x86 2010). Choose to install only Word, Excell and Powerpoint.
I used a valid key and the online activation worked perfectly.

During the installation the installer was hang for a while but finally it completed the installation.

4. On winecfg as instructed above to the tab "Libraries" and from "new override for library" click the small arrow and choose to "Add" riched20 and gdiplus. Then click on both, "Edit" and as above change their override to "Native (windows)".

5. Final steps.
Open Word, Excell and Powerpoint to see if they work. Then go to each one to File-options-Trust Center->Trust Center Settings, lower the security to none in every option and uncheck the Enable Protected View options. Word and Excell are working perfectly, the only problem is with Powerpoint which is not very dependable.

Screenshots :

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wineskin 2.5.4 Released

Wineskin 2.5.4 update is out! You can get it in Wineskin Winery or use the normal Manual download option on the Downloads Page.

I'll work on getting the Manual and FAQ updated.

The list of stuff!
  • new Icon and logo
  • updated WineskinX11 to xorg-server
  • updated almost all supporting libraries to most current
  • CMD+H or Cmd+Opt+A will knock you out of fullscreen mode now. Cmd+Opt+A will still toggle it back on.
  • File Associations should work correctly
  • Various error detection and handling improvements
  • Fixes to detecting where fonts are on system X11
  • Uses newest version quartz-wm on your system, unless its not found, then uses wrapper version. This fixes many problems with decorated windows. (optional-default)
  • WineskinQuitScript script added in Menu Script folder to do a CMD+Q shutdown. Lets software makers have a chance to put in commands and such to do before someone can just kill it with CMD+Q.
  • Prompt on Quit option updated to tell Windows apps to shut down, so that the Windows app has a chance to prompt to save, etc... may not always work
  • CD Eject command added to top menubar by default. Can help getting discs switched right for multi-disc game installs.
  • If you launch a wrapper that a different user is already using, it no longer causes problems, it just gives an error that it cannot be used by multiple users at the same time.
  • Default settings changed for copy/paste so it should work more reliably
  • Default Menu scripts have info on them on how to access and use Wine correctly, so you can launch other programs in Wine or whatever is needed.
  • Installer will only prompt to set an EXE if the currently set EXE is not found after installation
  • Engine base for Custom Engine builds updated to W2.5.4EngineBase and should work better now on all OSes and Xcode 3 or 4 (Xcode 4 is still limited to building 10.6+ compatible engines). libxml and freetype problems should be fixed, so no more XQuartz install required for building.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac