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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New mobile wineskin website and forums coming soon

New mobile wineskin winery website and forums coming soon.

I'm planning on revamping this website. The current plan is I'll make pretty much the entire website from scratch, as it's really all static data besides news updates, so it's not too difficult. The plan is to make it responsive so it'll look and work right on anything from phones to desktops.

The issue comes down to... I don't want to try to make a Forum from scratch. I'd like to find one I can integrate in easy and will work good, including a responsive design.

I'd like input if anyone has anything I should look at that would be easy enough to use and would work good for the website here.

What we need i can think of...
  • Open Source
  • Easy to modify the looks/appearance
  • Responsive design
  • Can allow moderated anonymous posts like now
  • Allows users to also make accounts, so trusted users don't have to go through moderation.
  • easy to search and find posts for users looking for answers to questions
  • Will last and be well supported for years to come

Anything else anyone can think of? I haven't messed with Forum software much in years, but anything has to be better than this one... going to dump all of Tiki software.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

WineSkin WS9WineCX14.1.10 and WS9Wine1.7.52 has just been released

I just posted 2 new engines with the latest updates for Wine source, and for Crossover Wine source (WS9Wine1.7.52 and WS9WineCX14.1.10).  You should find them for download in Wineskin Winery .


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Wineskin 2.6.1 has now been released

I've released an update for Wineskin ... version 2.6.1.
I think I've fixed all the Mac OSX El Capitan bugs and it should work fine on 10.6 - 10.11 now.

* important point.  This has to change how an engine is installed in a wrapper slightly.  If you update a wrapper to 2.6.1 and it does not work right, please reinstall the engine in the wrapper.  You can just use Change Engine and install the same one back in, but it will install it correctly for 2.6.1 and then things should work right.  Newly made wrappers should have no issues.
Please test 2.6.1 and let me know of any issues.  I'll try to fix any new issues that may be found for a 2.6.2 soon if its needed.

You'll be able to get 2.6.1 in Wineskin Winery as an updated wrapper.
Sorry for the long delay, and not having these issues fixed before El Capitan was released.
If you get stuck with a wrapper that just goes "Cannot be opened" then Right click in the wrapper and select Open the first time you run it.

Manually Installed Item Downloads
 If you’d like versions of Engines, Wrappers, etc...  you can install to Wineskin Winery manually instead of using its built in downloader, they are all available at the Wineskin download location. Wineskin download location
Also, all engines and files ever made for any version of Wineskin are kept there!
If your looking for older engines, or any older files, this is the place to look.
*note Wineskin Wrappers 2.5+ requires WS8+ based engines.

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