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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Limited number of FREE CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac and Linux licenses available

I now have six licenses remaining to give to reviewers, if your interested to write a review about CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac or Linux this is your chance. 

I have ten CodeWeavers CrossOver licenses available, five for CrossOver Mac and five for CrossOver Linux to give away to web sites or individuals who are interested in writing a review of CrossOver Mac or Linux. The license are valued at $59.95 each and are good for a one year subscription.

What's needed :

  1. A website to host your review
  2. A Linux or Mac computer
  3. Windows Games or Applications, you can look at the compatibility center for known software that works.
What will you receive for your review :

  1. A full copy of CrossOver Mac or Linux
  2. Back links from this and other sites.. Think SEO
  3. Your review posted on Facebook and other social sites e,g Google+ , Twitter etc etc with back links to your review.
How can you contact me about doing a review :

You can leave a comment here, please include a link to your website, don't worry all comments here are moderated and won't be made public or go to Facebook and send me a message. Not the ( Contact Us ) but a Message, The Contact Us actually points to WineHQ Donate page...  :)

I would like to have a Spanish, Russian, Hindi, German, French and English or other major language Chinese or Italian etc etc :) review to broaden the overall reader base. This will not only make it easier for you to write the review in your native language but for your local readers to better understand the review.

Keep in mind license and reviews will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, I'm not trying to get the greatest reviews but more importantly truly honest and unbiased reviews.

Run Microsoft Windows Applications and Games on Mac, Linux or ChromeOS save up to 20% off  CodeWeavers CrossOver+ today.