Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Lutris has been released

Lutris helps you install and play video games from all eras and from most gaming systems. By leveraging and combining existing emulators, engine re-implementations and compatibility layers, it gives you a central interface to launch all your games.

The client can connect with existing services like Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam to make your game libraries easily available. Game downloads and installations are automated and can be modified through user made scripts.

Download this version of Lutris from here.

Changelog :

  • Fix popover menus not appearing on Wayland
  • Fix game bar getting unselected on Wayland (Forces the last game to stay
  • Update Chinese, Dutch, German and Russian translations
  • Download DXVK when Lutris starts
  • Add fsync2 feature detection
  • Limit simultaneous downloads to 3
  • Add support for deb file extraction
  • Add support for Adobe Air games from Humble Bundle (Installation only,
    Air runtime will come at a later stage)
  • Add support for GStreamer enabled Wine builds. This will provide better
    compatibility for games using Media Foundation

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