Sunday, February 28, 2016

The WineHQ Wine development release 1.9.4 is now available for Linux and Mac

The #WineHQ #Wine development release 1.9.4 is now available for #Linux and #Mac.

What's new in this release:
  • Support for color glyphs and font fallbacks in DirectWrite.
  • Improvements to the WebServices reader.
  • Support for more formats in Direct3D 11.
  • Simplified syntax and clean up of tests marked todo.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.9.4 (total 27):

   9823  Mentioning "wine eject" in SGML
  11657  Problems with MessageBox API
  12217  Documentation should be in XML and not SGML format
  13683  Ultima IX: Mouse pointer missing when reading books, under inventory
  19733  Pendulumania crashes
  21454  Dolphin Wii/GCN emulator crashes on rom load
  27680  Multiple 64-bit applications crash on startup (violation of the Windows 64-bit ABI, stack pointer (RSP) must be 16-byte aligned when making a call to Win64 API)
  29862  BitComet version<1 .37="" br="" fails="" start="" to="">  33581  Wine does not quit gracefully
  34174  MinGW installer 0.5-beta-20120426-1 fails to process log files (sharing violation on temp file used for piped output)
  35824  UltraISO 'ISODrive.sys' crashes in entry point (SCM doesn't start SERVICE_FILE_SYSTEM_DRIVER type services with winedevice hosting process)
  36013  bleem! 1.4 (PlayStation emulator) fails on startup, complaining with 'Not enough memory to load program!'
  37288  Not implemented feature System.Drawing.Pen.ResetTransform()
  37373  No Limits 2: Help files fails to show text. Needs Times New Roman, or dwrite ability to use font replacements
  37556  CompareStringW should abort on the first nonmatching character to avoid invalid memory access.
  38314  Mouse Wheel doesn't work for Jagged Alliance 2 version 1.13 (it uses MOUSEHOOKSTRUCTEX)
  39433  mshtml:xmlhttprequest fails on IE 7
  39792  Saturn PCB Design Toolkit 6.86 fails to load, reporting missing 'SHCore.dll' dependency (import descriptors with empty thunk list must be ignored)
  39866  XIIZeal (steam) immediately exits on start
  40034  Linksys usb wireless adapter installer needs wlanapi.dll.WlanEnumInterfaces
  40053  Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 (三國志13) fails to start
  40075  3DMarkVantage needs SM4 dcl_output_siv support
  40094  SimCity 4 Deluxe fails to start when set to use hardware rendering
  40108  kernel32:process regression
  40114  mshtml:style regression (crash)
  40129  MSI Reading and Writing Behaves differently than Windows
  40166  drcom.exe client needs rasapi32.RasGetLinkStatistics

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