Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How I converted my Office to Linux

How I converted my Office to Linux by MLUG This is a recording OSGUI Tim filmed of Mick & the Melbourne Linux Users Group (MLUG) guys on the 25th Aug 2010 in North Melbourne Computer Bank Office. More info about MLUG and this Workshop Meeting Session can be found at: Background For a long time I’ve been using Linux at home and work. I use Linux for my TV, notebook, development (work & hobbies), electronics and thin clients. I first worked with thin clients about 4 years ago, starting from scratch using FreeBSD.

Im a programmer at heart and although I do a lot of administration at work I try my best to minimise this with the use of technology be it hardware, software or scripts. What we had to start with Mixture of large noisy desktops Running Windows XP 100Mbps 24port switch 6 Staff, with requirements for 10 desktops (display screens, boardroom, casual employee and test computers) Safety net I had many safety nets as I was migrating...

Backups Switch between old HD & PXE boot Virtualisation of old system Slow step by step migration Clone drive before upgrades Technology which helped me SSDs Ruby Atom motherboards LTSP project CrossOver Linux VirtualBox OSE (Open Source Edition) How I started Installed Open Source apps under Windows XP (OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird) Centralised services for Data using Samba on a server Centralised printer server using CUPs CrossOver Linux Isolate applications which cannot be replaced by open

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