Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wine 1.2 Release plans

Wine 1.2 release plans were sent to the wine-devel mailing list from Alexandre Julliard the Wine project leader. Here is the release plans and Alexandres email to wine-devel.


The 64-bit support is now more or less complete, and we have most of the fancy new icons, so it's time to think about the next stable release.

Unless some major problems come up, 1.1.44 will be the last of the 1.1.x series. The next release will be 1.2-rc1, which will mark the beginning of the code freeze. This should result in a 1.2 final sometime in June.

As usual the code freeze will become more and more drastic as we get closer to release, so if you have major changes to make, now is pretty much the last minute.

I'd encourage everyone to look through the list of nominated 1.2 bugs, and also to check the regression reports for anything that might be in your area. We should strive to have as few regressions from 1.0 as possible, so regressions fixes will have priority during code freeze. And of course changes that don't impact the code, like translations or test fixes, can go in until quite late.

Alexandre Julliard

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