Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wine 1.2-rc1 Released

The Wine development release 1.2-rc1 is now available.
This is the first release candidate for Wine 1.2. It marks the beginning of the code freeze period. Please give this release a good testing to help us make 1.2 as good as possible.
Whats new in this release:
  • Many new toolbar icons.
  • Support for alpha blending in image lists.
  • Much more complete shader assembler.
  • Support for Arabic font shaping and joining.
  • A number of fixes for video rendering.
  • Font antialiasing configuration through fontconfig.
  • Improved handling of desktop link files.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.
Bugs fixed in 1.2-rc1:

4654 ebasePro 2.12 doesn't start properly--missing plugin
4805 Direct music loader release
5616 Wanted: testing framework for bundled Winelib programs
6341 WEB.DE Messenger crashes
6533 Type mismatch 13 Error shows up in a VB-App.
7594 Wine window scrolling is broken
7797 Knight Rider runs extremely slowly
7950 DirectX strange render window cutoff in Candytron both Party and Final version
8287 Custom toolbar skin makes Irfan View 4.00 crash at start up
9263 Guild Wars terribly slow
9958 OleLoadPicturePath() should initialize COM apartment on its own if not previously done.
10583 Fonts: Subpixel hinting, No RGB or BGR
11892 GdipCreateBitmapFromFile & GdipCreateBitmapFromStream give upside down bitmap
11896 Civilization4.exe crashes because of unimplemented functions in msvcp71
12590 Yahoo widget engine 4.5, blank box, not being able to do anything
12869 Rollcage Stage II demo crashes
13278 Qtracker crashes
13579 Adobe Acrobat Standard 7 -- using menus on first startup causes X to freeze
14079 Dungeon Siege installation impossible
14195 EINTR in WS_select
14262 Wordview bullet in doc is not the same
14710 OleLoadPicturePath loads image in windows but not in wine, could cause access violation in some circumstances
14861 SetDIBits crashes with overlapping src/dst rectangles on the same bitmap
14891 Bitmaps with offset bits do not display correctly
15329 Unable to install Sony Picture Utility, Failed to load DLL Localesetting
15928 EasyPlot doesn't work
15969 Unsigned v1.2.1.93 installer crashes near the end of installation on first run
16602 Citrix ICA16 Client installer crashes after extraction
17058 Crayon Physics Deluxe - fullscreen doesn't work properly
17113 Electronic dictionary application
17166 Implement BiDi mirroring
17712 Installshield doesn't like spaces in uninstall shortcuts
17811 T-Online Browser: Bitmaps invisible (GdipCloneBitmapAreaI is a stub)
17860 Microsoft Office 2007 crashes on specific powerpoint file in gdi32/enhmetafile
18059 Unity Indie Trial exits because attrib.exe is missing
18291 Quicktime uninstaller shortcut fails
18625 Everest Poker startup text slightly off-centre
18757 Album software Foto de Klijne crashes on startup
18982 Word 2007 tab stop selection is invisible
18993 Shadows and selection circles z-fight in World of Warcraft
19234 Emperor fails to change resolution or be fullscreen
19848 Arma 2: Crash on startup
19877 Zeta Minibrowser crashes (because of stubbed CreateHardLinkW)
20204 enhanced metafile retrieval fails and crashes clipboard test
20210 Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Expansions: Crashes to desktop while loading.
20533 Random black artifacts while playing The Settlers - 10th Anniversary - Demo
20676 winedbg minidumps can not be loaded by WinDbg
21287 Miranda appearance is broken in many ways
21376 The Bat! - Access Violations on attachement view
21443 CryptSignHash() fails when CryptCreateHash() ALG_ID is set to CALG_SSL3_SHAMD5
21829 Kurso3 hangs in the end of install
21978 Gestan does not install
22114 Supreme Commander 2: User interfaces flickers and some UI elements are missing
22140 Unexpected bold font in CDBurnerXP Pro 3
22162 Knights of the Old Republic: Cursor Doesn't Show
22211 HTML-Kit Tools trial exits silently while displaying its splash screen
22252 Rhiannon installer hangs: possibly caused by a regression
22272 CDBurnerXP crashes if a data disc is inserted
22284 Osmos: mouse pointer disappears in the menus
22290 PlayOnline viewer can't be resized in windowed mode
22334 Hearts of Iron III - missing texture on initial window
22353 Application written in VB6 crashes when setting the .colwidth property of a msflexgrid
22356 Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - weapons flicker
22435 Wine un-highlights selected text when right button is clicked
22443 AutoCAD 2008: Icons have pinky background in "filter applied" drop down menu
22444 AutoCAD 2008: No icons in drop down menu
22453 Office 2007 text is not visibily highlighted
22455 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic does not start
22457 Disabled toolbar icons are black
22463 mouse cursor display broken
22535 King's Bounty Armored Princess graphics glitches
22543 winedbg crashes on startup in combination with crysis
22601 .NET Framework 2.0 installer displays crash dialog, fails with "function failed" error message
22624 multithread app using GDI and directx may cause deadlock
22625 No card selector available for GL vendor 3 and card vendor 8086
22632 Blitzkrieg game crashes when using 'Save' option
22646 Modern Warfare 2: Fog and smoke rendered incorrectly
22650 Time of Defiance login attempt results in WSAIoctl unsupported WS_IOCTL cmd (9800000c)
22653 Serif WebPlus X2 does not install
22657 3DMark 2001se - Car Chase - High Detail shows black screen
22666 wine64: does not create a proper WINEPREFIX when -O0 is used, breaks winetest
22676 Total Commander icons do not appear in the task bar
22694 Spiceworks crashes during install
22699 Swapchain_blit enhancement introduces y-axis inversion
22704 Dungeon Keeper 2 shows X-cursor
22709 crypt32 doesn't support wildcard certificates with alternate name extension
22717 duplicate symbols in ldt.c ... bad inline asm
22735 Resize of PlayOnline viewer's window makes it's content upside down
22746 CDBurnerXP 3.0.x uses a wrong/invisible cursor on its mode selection screen
22750 ControlSpy message parameters listboxes don't have frames
22755 Installer program of "de rouck" freezes
22758 MS Office 2007: riched20 assertion failure in CDKey registration screen
22792 VLC Media Player crashes on first run

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