Monday, May 10, 2010

Wine 1.1.44 vs Vista Benchmarks

Dan Kegel has been running some DirectX and OpenGL benchmarks on Ubuntu + Wine and Windows Vista, Here is the results of Dans recent benchmark test.

Yagmarkdata now has data from five different benchmarks: 3dmark 2000, 2001, 2006 and heaven2_opengl, d3d9, and running on a semi-whimpy e8400 dual core box with an nvidia gt 220 card, on both Vista and Ubuntu+Wine.

First, the good news:
the OpenGL version of the Heaven benchmark achieved 99% of the expected framerate on Wine, not bad, and it looks good, too. The 3dmark* demos look good in general.

And now the bad news:

in general, Wine's D3D version achieves only half to three-quarters the performance of Vista's. The Heaven D3D benchmark doesn't look right in quite a few ways (and one regression is very recent), requires more video ram than on Windows, and hangs at the end. 3dmark2001 has a strange water problem in the nature test at 30 seconds. 3dmark06 lacks shadows in the firefly forest.

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