Thursday, March 4, 2010

CodeWeavers 9.0 For Mac and Linux Released With New Interface

CodeWeavers, the popular commercial version of Wine, sees a new update this week with the release of version 9.0 for CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux. Users are treated to an overhauled user interface for Mac and a completely redesigned interface for Linux, which developers say makes both apps run more quickly and intuitively.

The release also includes more than 7,500 patches and a bunch of fixes and improvements to the overall application. CrossOver 9.0 now supports macros in Excel, improved Outlook stability, and limited support for Quicken 2010.

CrossOver now also has the ability to download installation files -- or "recipes" -- directly from the project's online database "If another CrossOver user has figured out how to use CrossOver to install a Windows application, they can upload that installation recipe to our database," explains company CEO Jeremy White on the CodeWeavers Web site.

"As we go forward, and build this online storehouse," says White, "CrossOver will begin to automatically install that same application for other users. This enables us to move closer to a world where CrossOver will begin to run the majority of Windows apps, and not just an officially supported subset. In other words, our diabolical plot for world domination is going exactly as planned."

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

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