Monday, March 1, 2010

VLC on OpenSolaris 2010.2 build 131

A couple weeks back we released Bordeaux 2.0.0 for Solaris and OpenSolaris and I posted the news about the release in the OpenSolaris forums. Ian ask if I could check and see if VLC ran in Bordeaux, the Windows client. And sure enough it runs extremely well with just a couple dll overrides. The screenshot below is VLC 1.0.3 running on OpenSolaris 2010.2 build 131 via Bordeaux 2.0.0 for OpenSolaris. The video is the live 200 kbs feed of CNBC in RealVideo format.

The system load is kind of high because I have OpenSolaris running in Virtual Box. If you have OpenSolaris installed as your primary operating system or on a partition the load is much lower.

UPDATE 03/01/10

I have also had some request for additional media players and FireFox via Wine. Bordeaux and the Wine build we provide should run most of the app's that's in the Wine appdb. So if your wondering if your application will run on OpenSolaris just check the Wine application database and see how the app is ranked.

To install a unsupported application or game you will need to put our Wine Build in your path. To do this open your favorite terminal and add these lines to your .profile file in your home directory.

# Add Bordeaux Wine to path
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bordeaux
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bordeaux/bin
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bordeaux/doc
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bordeaux/etc
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bordeaux/lib
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bordeaux/share
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bordeaux/support

Now when you enter wine in your terminal it will be found.

$ wine
Usage: wine PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS...] Run the specified program
wine --help Display this help and exit
wine --version Output version information and exit

All un-supported apps will now be installed in .wine in your home directory. You can run :

$ winecfg

to edit the configuration, you can also copy /opt/bordeaux/bin/ to your home directory and run it just like running winetricks

$ ./

And add Microsoft redistributable's, dlls, registry changes, and further config Wine.

Here is more screenshots of just some of the apps Ive got running as unsupported apps with Bordeaux.

QuickTime Player 7.1.6 on Opensolaris via Bordeaux.

Windows Media Player 9 on Opensolaris via Bordeaux.

FooBar2000 version 1.0 on Opensolaris via Bordeaux.

Emule version 0.49c on Opensolaris via Bordeaux.

FireFox Windows version 3.5.5 on Opensolaris via Bordeaux.

Many Applications and Games will run that we don't currently support in Bordeaux, the best way to know if your Applications or Game runs is to try it... You might be pleasantly surprised. :)

UPDATE 01/31/10

As per a request in the OpenSolaris forums I also tested SeaMonkey 2.0.2 on OpenSolaris with Bordeaux 2.0.0

Here is some screenshots, keep in mind this is in Virtual Box, and on my old crappy laptop and thats why the load is so high. :)

Look how crappy the fonts look in these two screenshots...

Now look what they look like with a little tweaking... :)

Click on a image for full view.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

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