Monday, December 14, 2009

winetricks 20091213 released

Dan Kegel announced the release of winetricks 20091213 here is the email he sent to the wine-devel mailing list.

Austin and Andrew have been hard at work keeping winetricks working smoothly.
In particular, the ie6 and gecko verbs should work again.
Thanks guys!

Changes since 20091125:

Austin English:
  • Workaround wine bug for IE6
  • Update shockwave sha1sum
  • Add python-comtypes verb
  • Explain windows licensing a bit better
  • Gdiplus no longer comes from powerpoint viewer, update description accordingly
  • Update DivX to latest version, remove obsolete /silent option
  • Make append_path work if called more than once
  • When installing gecko, regsvr32 mshtml afterward, so it actually works
  • Update KDE to 0.9.6-5
  • When using native mdac, also override oledb32
  • Bump artk2min to 2007 Access runtime (freely redistributable, wooo!)
Andrew Nguyen:
  • Update flash to latest version.
  • Check more exit codes.
  • Update the vb6run verb to use the Service Pack 6 variant.
  • Revise vcrun6 verb to remove more fake DLLs and more simply extract mfc42u.dll.
  • Add vcrun6sp6 verb. (New verb rather than update of vcrun6 as it's a
  • huge download.)
  • Add richtx32 verb.
Dan Kegel:
  • Add heapcheck verb (for use with the not-yet-committed heapcheck patches)
  • Avoid double-trying regedit

Online as always at
(Bug reports to the issue tracker at the above URL, please.)

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