Friday, December 25, 2009

Wine-Reviews and Bordeaux T-shirts now available at

Aren't your T-shirts too dull? All my StarWars tees have a lot of colours and shades...

We think different, and give preference to quality over amount of colours. Those princess Leia in bikini T-shirts are printed with a technique called transfer, which more or less is like putting your T-shirt inside a printer.
We use screen printing, a technique that limits us to 6 colours per T-shirt (besides the T-shirt base color), but in return print quality is better, and your T-shirts will survive washmachines, pets and some small tsunami. Furthermore, we individually iron each T-shirt after printing, so that the design finish is smooth, firm and able to stand more tempests.
And what the hell, good things in this life have less than 6 colours: black chocolate (#000), a terminal (#000 and #fff, or #000 and #0f0 if you are that kind of geek), ...

So much OpenSource and stuff but neither your tees are free of charge nor I can see the source code!

Well, first, our T-shirts are "free as in speech but not as in beer", I mean, you can wear them orwards, backwards and sideways, and we'll not sue you for sharing them with your friends.
About source code, we tried to upload T-shirts but FTP won't let us, so at least here you have some screenshots of a T-shirt compilation.

Here is a couple images of what the shirts look like, they come in sizes from small to XXL. For each shirt sold they will donate 3.00 Euro back to us to help support this site.

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To purchase a shirt just click on the shirt image on freewear.orf and it will take you to their check out cart.

The Wine-Reviews T-shirt is here.
The Bordeaux T-shirt is here.

So if you would like a new T-shirt and to help support us at the same time then please buy a T-shirt :)

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