Thursday, May 29, 2008

Darwine 1.0-rc2 for OS X released

Darwine 1.0-rc2 for OS X released
  1. Bevore You install, please make sure:
    • Tiger users: install X11 from your Tiger Installation DVD
  2. download and open Darwine 1.0-rc2
  3. drag Darwine to the "/Applications" Folder
  4. to delete, just drag the folder "Darwine" to the trash
  5. known issues:
    • Internet Explorer uses up to 100% CPU, which might turn on your vents
    • Internet Explorer 7 might not work at all, it is really only for testing
    • 1 of 4 tries downloads a corrupt "ActiveX MFC42" (maybe defective mirror?)
    • there are some issues with creating wineprefix (might be X11 related)
    • if You have symbols instead of letters, you lack the Microsoft Corefonts. Get them with TRiX
  6. to completely remove Darwine (and Windows apps) from your system delete the following files and folders:
    • /Applications/Darwine
    • ~/Library/Preferences/

What's new in this release:
- Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac


MarkV said...

Guys - just installing now... Looks EXCELLENT!!

TRIX is outstanding...

Will follow up with progess report..

Well done!!


MarkV said...

OK.. Feels good and spent some time moving between vmware / system32 folder and Darwine. Was working with one app in particular [voipcheap]
copied over many dll's from windows - but thinking Directx is important given it is requires audio [voice processing]

I am using TRIX - which is excellent and take a lot of pain out of the process. Seems some links to install MS files fail - so was able to work around DL and install.

Question.. is there an order of operation for installing the various packages in TRIX?
i.e. dotnet needs HTML engine.



twickline said...

Hello Mark,

Yes, one package can have a dependancy on another, and there is a rough install order..

A good example is Office 2007, see the new microsoft office 2007 install guide.

"Their is a install order of the third party packages that needs to be taken into account here. You will need to install vcrun2005sp1 first then core fonts then msxml then riched updates."


MarkV said...

Many thanks Tom.

OK.. beating myself up on this now.. a few remove / restores.

Can you put me out of my misery [please].. and try to install voipcheap [] and see if it will install with this build and run - and what dependencies is has..

It seems a UI issue but not sure.

thanks again.

twickline said...

Hello MarkV,

If you take a look at the front page here, you'll see were working on a new site. And the new site has a very nice forum :) This will make it easier for people to get help. Give us about a week and the new site should be live......

MarkV said...

Looking for enthusiastic players to review new site? ;-)

twickline said...

Yes, send me you email in a comment and ill email you the url.. Dont worry I wont post your email, ill rm -rf the post.