Monday, May 5, 2008

CrossOver for BSD systems coming soon!

Today a discussion started about the availability of CrossOver for BSD systems on the CodeWeavers mailing list... And most of last month I was away on vacation and somehow missed a post made by Jeremy White the founder and CEO of Codeweavers announcing the availability of CrossOver Games for BSD systems. Jeremy also let it be known that CrossOver Office 7 will be supported on BSD systems as well! Below is a quote of Jeremy's announce to the mailing list.
Hi Folks,

I am happy to announce that we are now making available 'cutting edge' builds of CrossOver. To start, we are providing experimental builds of CrossOver Games for Linux, Mac OS X, and now BSD systems.

We remain committed to providing our customers with a stable, and reliable product; one that has been tested thoroughly. So even though we are the major driving force behind Wine, CrossOver always lags behind Wine so that we can do careful development and testing.

Further, we feel strongly that most of our customers are best served by the stable, shipping version of CrossOver.

Of course, that leaves out a few of our customers who would be well served by these cutting edge builds, and it also sometimes frustrates our developers, who like to be able to make their work available to our customers more rapidly.

So starting today, our CrossOver Games customers are able to dip their toe into the 'cutting edge' and download an experimental build. This also marks the first time we've provided a build of any kind for BSD users.

To do so, you must first login to our web site, and then visit this web page: Codeweavers unsupported downloads


This is not for everyone. In fact, most people should just delete this email and pretend they never saw it. If you are not technically savvy, and willing to suffer the problems that *will* arise with experimental builds, you should stay away. If you're not willing to have any problems you report be completely ignored by us, you should stay away. But if you like to play with the bleeding edge, or perhaps have a problem that you know we've solved in Wine, then maybe, just maybe, this will bring you some joy.


p.s. To reduce traffic on this mailing list, we plan to communicate all future information about the experimental releases in these forums: CodeWeavers unsupported forum
If you're interested in these builds, you may want to go there and subscribe.

If your favorite OS is PC-BSD, and your currently not a current Codeweavers customer you can go to the Codeweavers store and purchase a licence for Linux and then log into your account and get the PC-BSD build. This is your chance to beta test CrossOver for BSD, report bugs, give feedback, and make suggestions.


This version will run on FreeBSD as well. The only caveat is that if you are on FreeBSD 6.x, you will need to apply a system patch from to enable wine to function properly. Users of FreeBSD 7.0 and higher do not need this patch.

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