Thursday, December 6, 2007

Benchmarking Wine on FreeBSD 7

I installed some benchmarks into Wine on FreeBSD and gave them a run this morning. You will need to take into account this is FreeBSD 7.0 Beta 2 and Nvidia driver Version: 100.14.19 that was edited so it would install on FreeBSD 7.

So what it comes down to is i'm benchmarking on a Beta OS release with a driver that was built for a prior release, oh well..... at any rate it's working.

When FreeBSD 7.0 final ships and Nvidia releases updated drivers I'll re-run the benchmarks again and hopefully we will see some performance gains.

I only ran four benchmarks 3DMark 2000v1.1, 3DMark2001SE, GL Excess and PC Mark04. In the future ill see if I can get 3DMark 2003 and 3DMark 2005 to run and produce results.

The Linux scores and system specs are here and here for reference.

3DMark 2000v1.1 full screen

3DMark 2001SE full screen

PC Mark 04 full screen

GL Excess 1.2v full screen

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac


Anonymous said...

3dmark 06???

twickline said...

I will re-run the test on FreeBSD in a month or so, I leave for vacation tomorrow :) last time 06 crashed on exec.. maybe this time it will be different ;)