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Monday, March 7, 2016

Mariner Software Paperless 2 review

Mariner Software’s Paperless 2 is a good replacement for typical software that comes bundled with most scanners. For just a little extra investment, you’ll get a wide range of additional features. You can create a database for every document imaginable with Paperless. From receipts and bills to your five-year-old’s drawings, Paperless stores and organizes them all.

Paperless is compatible with most scanners but Mariner Software highly recommends the use of Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100, ScanSnap S1300 or ScanSnap S1500 scanners. Mariner Software is an authorized partner of Fujitsu and Paperless is designed to work seamlessly with Fujitsu ScanSnap line.

Paperless stands out for numerous of reasons and it makes organizing papers as easy as it could get. The software has a good usability. The large graphical icons at the top of the toolbar give you an access to all of the most significant functions. The main window of the software has three columns. There is a file browser on the left, document image in the middle at the top, list of documents below it and the details about the currently selected document on the right.

You can store almost any type of document such as pdf, web archives, emails, word, excel, RTF, JPEG and TIFF. Conveniently, you can scan documents directly to Paperless or import existing files from the hard drive. The scanned documents can be placed in files which you have to set out in advanced. Setting up the files for scanned documents is a fairly easy and quick.

Paperless has OCR (Optical character recognition) function which recognizes the text on the document and adds it to the Details Window. Your own notes and tags can also be added to the document. Paperless does not support reconstruction of the document after OCR. This function is available in more expensive Nuance’s Paperport software.

After scanning you can crop and rotate the documents in the scan dialogue. However, this can’t be done after the documents have been imported. It is possible to change the order of the existing pages as well as split and merge documents.

All documents can be viewed by the scanning date or by the collection. Paperless also has a calendar view. Of any collection you can create expense chart, table, pie or contact report.
A digital document is accepted by the IRS according to ruling Rev. Proc. 97-22. Therefore all your legal documents can be archived with Paperless.

+Affordable price
+Works seamlessly with Fujitsu ScanSnap line
+Has all the necessary features for a typical user

-OCR does not reconstruct documents

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