Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Wine development release 6.13 is now available for Linux FreeBSD and macOS

The Wine development release 6.13 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Proper scrollbar theming.
  • More work towards WinSock PE conversion.
  • Preparation work for the GDI syscall interface.
  • Some progress on the IPHLPAPI PE conversion.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 6.13 (total 31):

  15381  CoFreeUnusedLibraries will crash COM server or cause 0x800703E6/I_RpcReceive error 0x3e6
  28326  CDBurnerXP's audio player is missing some visual elements
  28795  ExeInfoPE v0.0.3.0: PE protection schemes that abuse %gs won't run (breaks glibc TLS selector)
  32517  installer of QQMusic 8.6 hangs
  34966  Academagia (WPF game) dialog windows are invisible until alt-tabed out
  35611  A lot of user32:msg tests fail in the Japanese locale
  35921  Multiple games and applications need IDirectXVideoProcessorService via DXVA2CreateVideoService (DXVA Checker 3.x/4.x, Perfect World, Kodi)
  37370  Doom 3 (CD version) installer: 'cancel' button does nothing in 'Please insert: DOOM 3 Disk x' dialog
  39377  Add support for 'msidbControlAttributesFormatSize' in static text controls to format and label properties such as 'PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired' (SkySaga installer)
  41703  Workaround LdrUnloadDll() for C libraries that do not support the dlclose() function
  43173  Far Cry 4 sound stops
  45198  Project CARS 2 shows only a black screen (requires constant buffer offsetting)
  45620  Dishonored 2 Demo crashes at launch
  45807  Incorrect toolbar background in MFC apps, when visual theming enabled
  50374  pCon.planner doesn't finish installation and doesn't open
  50404  Sims 4 crashes on startup with builtin msvcrt
  51152  The 64-bit ntdll:exception test fails in Wine
  51262  Since 308a5e7 no 32bit program starts
  51277  Multiple games become unresponsive with plugged in controller (INSIDE, The Hong Kong Massacre, Sniper Elite 3)
  51281  C:\users\<user>\appdata\local not created on prefix update
  51295  ntoskrnl.exe:ntoskrnl occasionally hangs in test_overlapped()
  51329  Windows PC Health Check requires api-ms-win-core-featurestaging-l1-1-0.dll
  51331 client unusable, reports "The Update Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up..."
  51340  d3d10core:d3d10core, d3d11:d3d11 test_texture_compressed_3d() fails on Nvidia (cw-gtx560)
  51348  uxtheme.SetWindowTheme should use SendMessage to send WM_THEMECHANGED
  51366  several wine-mono network tests fail with timeout
  51368  World of Warcraft : undefined d3d state
  51381  Battlefield 4 cannot find online matches
  51382  NetEase Cloud Music crashes on zh_CN.UTF-8 locale.
  51416  deferred context memory leak
  51425  Mathearbeit G 5.6 installer reports null pointer exception in module 'shell32.dll' starting with Wine 6.9-142-g98d43c5dcfb

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