Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Proton 4.11-1 has been released

 Proton 4.11-1  has been released

  • Rebased Proton patches on top of Wine 4.11. This brings more than 3300 improvements from Wine into Proton. 154 patches from Proton 4.2 were upstreamed or are no longer needed.
  • Proton now ships with D9VK v0.13f. D9VK is an experimental Vulkan-based Direct3D 9 renderer. It must be enabled by the user with the PROTON_USE_D9VK user setting.
  • Proton now includes experimental support for futex-based in-process synchronization primitives, which can reduce CPU usage compared to esync. For now, this requires special kernel support. See this forum thread for testing instructions.
  • The display's current refresh rate is now reported to games.
  • Update DXVK to v1.3.
  • More window management and mouse cursor focus fixes.
  • Fix for joystick input lag and rumble support in certain games, especially Unity titles.
  • Support for the latest OpenVR SDKs.
  • Update FAudio to 19.07.
  • Fix for networking in GameMaker games.
  • Many Wine modules are now built as Windows PE files instead of Linux libraries. As work in this area progresses, this will eventually help some DRM and anti-cheat systems. If you build Proton locally, you will likely need to re-create the Vagrant VM to build PE files.

Link to source code

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